RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 24/3
Extent43 ff.
TitleEstonia: Contacts: Dean Taul
Date10 Jul 1937-15 Apr 1980
DescriptionCorrespondence with and about Rev Dr Jaak Taul (Chaplain in London).

Includes correspondence with Canon Douglas concerning his stay in a country parish between the World Alliance Management Committee meeting and the Oxford Conference, 10 Jul-12 Aug 1937; correspondence concerning Taul moving to England to become the Estonian Chaplain in London, able to officiate to the Estonians in their own language, 13 Jul 1945-12 May 1947; correspondence between Taul, Rev Herbert Waddams and Rev John Findlow, including about the 'Luther Bible: Portable Communion Set', a meeting of the General Assembly of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in London on 2 Nov 1947, 30 Aug 1947-7 Nov 1947; Waddams correspondence with Rev Charles Smyth concerning the possible use of St Margaret's Church by the Estonian Lutherans, 22-30 Oct 1948; correspondence relating to the 40th anniversary of Taul's ordination, including Taul's invitation to be the guest of honour at the Nikaean Dinner and the award of the Cross of the Order of St Augustine of Canterbury, 11 Apr-21 Jul 1969; letter from Rev Michal Moore declining an invitation to attend the meeting of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain's Synod, 12 Mar 1971; letter of congratulations from Michael Ramsey on the 25th anniversary of Taul's arrival in Britain and a note from Moore concerning the celebrations, 19-23 May 1972'; note from Moore concerning celebrations for Taul's 70th birthday, 21-22 May 1975; correspondence concerning the golden jubilee of Taul's ordination, 30 Mar-10 Apr 1979; correspondence concerning the 28th Synodical Assembly of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain, including a message of greeting from Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury, 15 Apr 1980.
AdminHistoryDean Taul died on 18 April 2007.

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