RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 6
Extent121 ff.
TitleCzechoslovakia: General correspondence
Date1 Aug 1933-5 Sep 1975
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the churches in Czechoslovakia and relations between them, and including the Prague Peace conferences.

Includes introductory letters from Rev H.W. Fox concerning the formation of the Council for Foreign Relations, 1 Aug-9 Oct 1933; invitation to Rev Arthur Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester, to attend the celebration of the tercentenary of the first issue of the Slovak Hymnal, the 'Cytara Sanctorum' of the Rev George Tranovsky, 25 May 1936; declined invitation to the tercentenary celebrations from Rev dr A.J. Macdonald, 3 Jul 1936; report on the state of the Church in Czechoslovakia by Rev C.H.J. Grimes of the British Legation, Vienna, 14 Jan 1937; correspondence between Dr Wahl and Macdonald concerning an extract from 'Evangelisches Leben', 5-7 Apr 1938; letter containing numbers of conversions to the German Evangelical Church in Czechoslovakia between 1933 and 1936, 30 Mar-8 Apr 1938; letter from Rev Dr Alan C. Don suggesting that an Anglican priest minister to a unit of the Czechoslovakian Army stationed in Palestine, and a response from Rev John A. Douglas, 15-20 Jan 1941; reports on the Lutheran Church in Slovakia by Rev Fedor Ruppeldt and Bishop J. Janoska, 1931 and 1927 - received by the CFR on 11 Oct 1943; notes on a private conference of Czechoslovak Churches representatives circulated to Douglas, including a reponse, 7 Jun-31 Jul 1944; correspondence with Frances Temple concerning the death of her husband William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, including from Dr Jan Sramek, Czechoslovak Prime Minister, 22 Nov 1944; correspondence concerning the formation of an Anglican-Czechoslovak Christian Fellowship, including between Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury and Dr Benes, President of the Czechoslovak Republic, 6-27 Feb 1945; proposal for a mission in Czechoslovakia sent to Fisher by Dr Jan Mazany with a translation and covering letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from G.M. Warr of the Foreign Office, and subsequent correspondence, Feb-18 Mar 1947; letter from Rev Professor D. Frantisek Bednar on the situation of the Czechoslovak Church, 19 May 1947; press cutting article 'Churches of Czechoslovakia unite in plea for World Peace' by Professor A. Novotny, 3 Mar 1948; a joint statement issued on 29 March 1952 by all Czechoslovak non-Catholic Churches and religious communities concerning the instructions issued by the Vatican Congregation of the Holy Iffice on 20 Dec 1949 in connection with the Oecumenical Movement; note by Colonel Baron on the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches in Czechoslovakia, 20 May 1953; press release by USA Department of State on the 'Admission of Certain Czechoslovak and Hungarian Churchmen, Delegates to the World Council of Churches Conference', 17 Jul 1954; letter to Rev John Satterthwaite on the absence of any Baptist Theological Colleges in Czechoslovakia, 12 Aug 1955; list of central European church leaders who attended Evanston, from Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Germany; correspondence concerning Dr Jindrich Prochazka and other Czech baptists, 6-12 Dec 1955; file note relating to a conversation between Michael Ramsey and Ondra concerning the level of involvement of the Church of England in the Prague Peace Conference, 10 Apr 1962; file note and correspondence between conversation between Michael Ramsey and Prof. Josef Hromadka concerning the Prague Peace Conference movement, 20-25 Nov-2 Dec 1964; correspondence about the ownership of the Church in Marianske Lanze, 12 Apr-9 May 1967; file note concerning a visit by Rev Jakub Trojan to discuss matters with Satterthwaite, including the invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Prague Peace Conference, and the return of the Orthodox Church in Czechoslovakia to uniat status, 27 Sep 1968; report on a visit to Czechoslovakia by Canon D.M. Paton, 6-8 Jun 1969; extracts from press sources on the situation in Czechoslovakia, 1969; Czech Ecumenical Information document published by the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Czech Socialist Republic, Feb 1971; Czech Ecumenical Newsletter, including a profile of the Czechoslovak Church, 2 Apr 1971; correspondence and notes relating to Rev David Hathaway, 15 Dec 1972-18 Apr 1973; Rev Michael Moore file note concerning a conversation with Pastor Rudolf Nemec, including a possible British Churches' visit to Czechoslovakia, 5 Sep 1975.

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13Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury1881-1944
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GB/109/12145Moore; Michael Mervlyn Hamond (1935-); General Secretary, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1935-
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