RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 153
Extent113 ff.
TitlePapers of the Revd. Sydney Linton: Sweden
Date21 Oct 1975-25 Mar 1984
DescriptionArticles, correspondence and information concerning the Lutheran Church of Sweden, as compiled by Rev Sydney Linton.

Includes a letter to Father Wiebe concerning the Kyrklig Fornyelse (Church Renewal) and Kyrklig Samling (Church Alliance for the Bible and the Faith), 21 Oct 1975; details of religious organisations among immigrants to Sweden; extract of a letter from Rev Rune Klingert - Vicar of Malmberget concerning liturgical questions, 1975; a translated copy of the 1977 Statement of the Swedish Bishops on co-existence in the Church', relating to opposition to the ordination of women, Apr 1977; letter to Rev Michael Moore with enclosed notes on Swedish documents concerning the issue of women priests in Sweden, 16 Aug 1977; details of church attendances in Greater Stockholm on 13 Nov 1977, as produced by the Swedish Institute of Religious Sociology; translation of an article from Svenska Dagbladet on 'Mapping the Opposition' to women priests, 16 Dec 1977; notes by Linton on 'Relations between Church and State in Sweden', 1977; translated extract of a letter from Rikard Stenberg regarding the debate over the women priests, 1978; New Year's day sermon by Ingmar Ström- Bishop of Stockholm, 1 Jan 1978; 'Storm in the Church of Sweden' relating to Ström's 1978 New Year's day sermon; translated article on 'The Swedish Bishops on co-existence in the Church', and comments relating to the Bishops' 1978 Statement, 26 Jan 1978; report on a visit to Sweden by Rev G.E. Austin, 9-17 Feb 1978; report by the Swedish Kommundepartementet on State-Church relations, 1978; letters from Linton with updates on recent events, 18 Feb-7 Mar 1978; article in Trollhattans-Tidning on the question of support for the Church, 29 Mar 1978; translation of an article from Svensk Pastoraltidskrift - 'Susceptibility to public opinion', 20 Oct 1978; letter of information on the issue of women priests sent to Susan Young at the Church Times, 31 Oct 1978; notes on the opinions expressed by Ström to female priests, 1978; notes, 1978; letter from Linton to Rev Peter Geldard about the Church of Sweden, 8 Oct 1978; letter to Linton regarding women priests and a Consultation Group called by the Archbishop of Uppsala to discuss rules to replace the 'conscience clause', 24 Dec 1978; translation of the document proposed by the Consultation Group - 'General lines for working together within the Swedish Church of those who hold differing views on the eligibility of women for the priesthood', Dec 1978; note on 'Sweden and its women priests'; Church Youth Committee report, 1979; review of the situation in Sweden - 'What is going to happen to the Church' by Bishop Bo Giertz, delivered at the nationwide meeting of the Church Alliance for the Bible and the Faith [Kyrklig Samling], Oct 1979; letter from Bertil E. Gartner - Bishop of Gothenberg, to 'friends in the Church Union in England and the Evangelical Catholic Mission in the USA', 16 Jan 1979; letter to Peter Dixon from Linton regarding a possible breakaway group, described as 'the embryo church', from the State Church over the issue of women priests, 2 Feb 1979; translated extract of a letter from Per-Olof Sjorgren regarding the work of the Church Assembly, 8 Feb 1979; letter from Linton to William Tighe concerning how the question of women's ordination had affected Scandinavian churches, 21 Feb 1979; report of the Synod of the Church of Sweden, Apr 1979; letter from Linton to Rev Christopher Frey responding to comments on a report by Linton, 17 Jan 1980; letter from Linton to Rev Christopher Hill on CFR 136 (Revised) ALERC [Anglican/Lutheran European Regional Commission] 6, 7 Jul 1980; extracts from an article in Nya Wermlands Tidning, 'English Church Life is not only Saint Paul's Cathedral' by Rev Anders Hassler, 8 Oct 1980; letter to Geoffrey Brown regarding the Swedish participants of a Pastoral Conference, 4 Mar 1983; opening speech by Bertil Werkström, the winter meeting at Bollnäs, 23-25 Mar 1984; presentation delivered at the Church of Sweden Synod; photocopied press cutting and an attached translation of an article entitled 'Two Religions' by Nils-Henrik Lindbladh regarding the dissimilarities of male and female relationships with God according to feminist theologican Rev Ulla Carin Holm.
LanguageEnglish and Swedish

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