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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 151
Extent162 ff.
TitlePapers of the Revd. Sydney Linton: Sweden
Date15 Oct 1954-Nov 1970
DescriptionArticles, correspondence and information concerning the Lutheran Church of Sweden, as compiled by Rev Sydney Linton.

Includes discussion of 'The Question of Swedish Orders' by A.W. Campbell in Faith and Unity, June 1954; Father Gunnar Rosendal's book 'The Church and the Religious Life', 28 Oct 1954; 'Jesuit Theory on Swedish Orders', 1954; note from the Lutheran Committee referring to the case of a Rosendal administering vows of the religious life to a Swedish girl, despite the fact that the Order of the Holy Paraclete was only thereotical due to an insufficient number of sisters; translated sections from a covering letter, and an English language version of 'Recommendations worked out by Kyrklig Samling to Clergy and Laity of the Church of Sweden in 1958; Swedish language article on women priests; a note on voting numbers for the ordination of women, 1958; notes on the Church Assembly of the Swedish Church and the questions of Church-State relations and divisions caused by the ordination of women; 'The Church of Sweden and women priests' 1960; translation of an article on women priests by Bo Giertz, Bishop of Gothenberg, 1960; report in English and Swedish providing information on the ecclesiastical situation in Sweden, 1960; background information on the Swedish decision to admit women to the priesthood, 1960; extract of a letter to Ake Zetterberg regarding the impact pf the ordination of women on relations between the Church of England and the Church of Sweden, 1 Feb 1960; letter enquiring about whether Geoffrey Fisher - the Archbishop of Canterbury would attend the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Church in London, 5 Feb 1960; translated review of 'Women and the priesthood of the Church' by E.L. Mascall, 25 Feb 1960; letters from Linton to the Editor of the Church Times, 11-26 Apr 1960; Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs press release on Gunnar Hultgren - Archbishop of Uppsala, May 1960; translated extract from a letter, and a translation and Swedish version of the Kyrklig Samling 'Lines of Action' regarding the decision on the ordination of three women; article on the failure of action against Bo Giertz - Bishop of Gothenburg for opposing women priests; two 'Communications from the Action Fellowship "Renew the Church", May-Aug 1960; translations of a letter from Rev Rune Klingert to Linton regarding a possible visit by Swedish theological students to England, 10 Jul 1960, and translated extracts of another letter from Klingert; brief report on 'The present position about Women Priests in the Church of Sweden', 1961; letter announcing a news service established by the Kyrklig Samling, signed by Bo Giertz - Bishop of Gothenberg and Chairman of Kyrklig Samling and Annbritt Thorhard - Press reporter, 7 Jan 1961; translation of an article in Svensk Pastoraltidning, 16 Feb 1961; an article relating to the 1960 Palm Sunday; Swedish Ecclesiastical News, Feb 1961; preliminary draft for an article on the Church of Sweden; extract of an interview of Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury by Rhona Churchill, 2 Oct 1961; correspondence and notes of Rev Sydney Linton, including letters to the Editor of the Church Times, an address delivered to the Battersea Rural Deanery, letters to Pastor Primarius Ake Zetterberg, and Sven Evander, comments on issues of Kyrka Och Folk and Var Kyrka, translated extracts from Aksel Solbu's article 'When Ways Part' and his letter to Eric Segelberg, translated articles from Stockholms-Tidningen, 16 Jan-17 Oct 1961; article on the research of Dr Bengt Stolt on ecumenical relations between the Churches of Sweden and England, 1962; 'Some questions put to a Swedish Priest', 1962; newsletter in Swedish, 1962; Swedish Ecclesiastical News in English, Jan 1962; translated articles from Svensk Pastoraltidskrift, 21 Sep 1962; 'Swedish Bishop in Anglican Consecration' and 'Anglican Mass causes protest' correspondence regarding an article in Kyrka och Folk - 'So Speaks Canterbury' by Dr David Hdegard, criticising Ramsey, 25 Oct-27 Nov 1962; newsletter of Från Ceciliakapellet, 1963 - the Cecilia Chapel in Oskarshamn; translated extracts from Svensk Pastoraltidskrift regarding intercommunion; letters from Rev John Satterthwaite to the Editors of English and Swedish newspapers regarding the Churchill interview of Ramsey, including the Daily Mail, Svensk Pastoraltidskrift, Dagen, Kyrka och Folk and a copy of a letter from Hedegard to Giertz, 10-25 Jan 1963; translated article 'Nothing said about women priests at English-Swedish ceremony' from Goteborg-Posten; report on Swedish documents, Jun-Sep 1964; 'Can Swedish statistics help English parish life?'.

Correspondents include Rev Herbert Waddams; Rev Rune Klinegart; Rev Sydney Linton; David Hedegard; Rev John Satterthwaite; Rev E.F. Richard Cedargren.
LanguageEnglish and Swedish

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