RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 129
Extent80 ff.
TitleSweden: Anglican Relations in Africa
DateDec 1948-21 Sep 1962
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning relations between the Church and the Province of South Africa and the members of the Church of Sweden in that province.

Includes discussion about episcopal and presbyteral ordinations, 9-19 Mar 1949; discussion of two Anglican bishops, Bishop Lee and Bishop Ferguson-Davie, having taken part in the consecration of Rev Eric Sundgren as Bishop for the Swedish Church in Southern Africa at Rorke's Drift, with reference to the formula used for the ordination of priests, 19 Oct 1949-7 Jan 1950; covering letter from Geoffrey Clayton - Archbishop of Cape Town for a report of a meeting between representatives of the Church of the Province of South Africa and those of the Church of Sweden in South Africa, with recommendations made to the Episcopal Synod, 7 Feb 1951; comments by Rev Herbert Waddams on the report from Clayton, 27 Feb 1951; comments by Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury on the report, and subsequent correspondence between Fisher and Clayton, 6-27 Mar 1951; correspondence between Clayton and Fisher regarding the resolutions passed by the Episcopal Synod of the Church of the Province of South Africa, 15 Oct-9 Nov 1951, with additional correspondence from Eric Trapp - Bishop of Zululand, 31 Oct 1951; correspondence regarding the Lutheran situation in Zululand and plans to unite the five Lutheran Missionary Societies at work in South Africa, and its possible implications for the relationship between the Church of England and Church of Sweden, 30 Jan-2 Jun 1952; correspondence regarding the validity of Swedish Lutheran orders in South Africa, with reference to meetings with Professor Sundkler, 15 Feb-22 Jul 1957; the involvement of two Anglican Bishops in the consecration of a Swedish Bishop in South Africa and the CFR circular LRC.114 on 'Church of Sweden - Ordinations in the Mission Field', 23-28 Aug 1957; correspondence regarding the resolution passed by the Church Assembly in Sweden approving the ordination of women to the priesthood and possible withdrawals from involvement in consecrations, 30 Oct 1958-15 Jan 1959; discussion with the Bishop of Central Tanganyika regarding the Evangelical Church of Buhaya, and whether to take part in the consecration of the Bishop of Hermosand of the Church of Sweden, given the apparent desire of the Church of Buhaya to introduce episcopacy and the bodies of opinion within the Lutheran Church against 'Apostolic succession', 16 May-22 Jul 1959, 27 Oct-9 Nov 1959; correspondence with the Archbishop of Central Africa regarding the relation between the Church of South India and the Provinces of the Anglican Communion, as well as relations with the Swedish Church, 29 Jul-3 Sep 1959; correspondence with the Archbishop of Uganda regarding attendance at the consecration of Dr Bengt Sundkler as Bishop of the Buhaya Church, 19 Apr-2 Sep 1961; translation of an article in Svensk Pastoraltidskrift, 21 Sep 1962.

Correspondents include Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury; Leonard Fisher - Bishop of Natal; Rev Herbert Waddams; Geoffrey Clayton - Archbishop of Cape Town; Rev C.B. Moss; Rev G.L. Prestige; Eric Joseph Trapp - Bishop of Zululand; Rev John Satterthwaite; John Boys - Bishop of Kimberley and Kuraman; Joost de Blank - Archbishop of Cape Town; Alfred Stanway - Bishop of Central Tanganyika; James Hughes - Archbishop of Central Africa; Leslie Brown - Archbishop of Uganda.

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