RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 127/1
Extent173 ff.
TitleSweden: Anglican Relations
Date23 Feb 1960-17 Nov 1981
DescriptionPapers relating to relations with the Church of Sweden, and the Church of Finland, including reports on bilateral conversations, and the Leuenberg Concordat.

Includes a letter from Rev John Satterthwaite recommending two Anglican clergymen for a conference in Stockholm and referring to the 1920 Lambeth Conference recommendations and the 1954 Convocation of Canterbury resolution, 23 Feb 1960; correspondence with Cyril Kenneth Sansbury - Bishop of Singapore concerning a branch of the Swedish Church - the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church, 13-25 Mar 1961; 'Intercommunion - An English and a Swedish Viewpoint' by Inge Lofstrom, translated from Svensk Kyrkotidningm 22 Mar 1962; translation of an article 'Anglican Mass causes protests' from Svensk Pastoraltidskrift and a related letter to Rev Sydney Linton from Roderic Coote - Bishop of Fulham, 21 Sep-9 Oct 1962; summary of an article 'Three Hundred Years of Swedish English Church Fellowship' from Sankt Ansgar, 12 Oct 1962; letter from Linton and file note by Satterthwaite regading the mass celebrated by Father Christian, 10-13 Nov 1962; correspondence between Rev T.C. Teape-Fugard and Satterthwaite regarding admission to Communion in the Church of Sweden, 30 Dec 1963-1 Jan 1964; announcement by Gunnar Hultgren - Archbishop of Uppsala of the Secretariat for the general Inter-Church Relations of the Church of Sweden, 15 May 1964; letter from Falkner Allison - Bishop of Winchester regarding the Wider Episcopal Fellowship, 5 Jun 1964; correspondence with Lawrence Brown - Bishop of Warrington about participation in a Communion service during a Conference of Scouters and Guiders at Sigtuna, Sweden, 9-10 Jun 1964; file note regarding a conversation with Rev Allan Rosengren, 11 Mar 1965; file note concerning a discussion between Hultgren and Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury, 21 Oct 1965; correspondence regarding the invitation for Hultgren to the Michaelmas Ordination at Southwark Cathedral, 4-16 Nov 1965; correspondence between Cyril Kenneth Sansbury - Bishop of Singapore, Ramsey, Satterthwaite, Hultgren, Roland Koh - Bishop of Jesselton, Rev David Tustin, Rajah B. Manikam - Bishop of Tranquebar regarding Koh's planned attendance at the consecration of the Rev Bertil Envall as the first Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaya and the invitation for Envall to attend the consecration of the Anglican Bishop of Singapore, 31 Mar-4 Jul 1966; a list by Bengt Stolt of Finnish episcopal consecrations in which Anglican bishops had taken part, 17 Oct 1967; correspondence between J.H. Proctor, Archdeacon of Warwick and Rev H.R.T. Brandreth concerning the status of the Orders of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, 29 Nov-2 Dec 1968; correspondence regarding a request from a Lutheran priest for work in an English parish during the summer of 1970, with letters from Linton, Gerald Ellison - Bishop of Chester, and Rev Michael Moore, and Ronald Williams - Bishop of Leicester, 16 Sep-8 Dec 1969; correspondence between B.I. Chiu - Bishop of Singapore and Malaya and Ramsey regarding a draft agreememt between the Anglican Church and Lutheran Evangelical Church in Malaya and Singapore, 30 Nov-17 Dec 1969; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Rev Dr Noel Davey concerning a book 'The Growth of Swedish-Anglican Intercommunion between 1833 and 1922' which had been offered to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for joint publishing or to act as the agent for sales in the UK and Commonwealth, 28 Apr-1 May 1970; correspondence between Rev John Toy and Moore regarding Toy's proposal for a Conference for clergy and students for the Church of England and the Scandinavian churches, 14-22 May 1970; correspondence regarding an American Lutheran minister who wished to 'test his vocation' with the Society of Saint Francis (SSF), Dorchester, 12 Aug-10 Nov 1971; correspondence anda report relating to a conference on bilateral dialogues arranged by the Nordic Ecumenical Institute at JohannesgÄrden, including 'Anglicanism in Dialogue: The Present Situation' by Moore, 25 Feb-11 Dec 1972; correspondence between Rev Henrik Svenungsson and Moore regarding discussions about Anglican participation in Swedish consecrations, 29 Nov-11 Dec 1972; letter from Linton and summary of an article 'Catholic Faith in the Church of Sweden' by Brother Caesarius Cavallin, 29 Aug 1973; letter and report from Rev George Austin concerning his visit to Sweden, including discussion of the Leuenberg Concordiat, 8 Oct-16 Nov 1973; notes on a discussion with Brother Giles of the SSF regarding religious communities in Sweden, 21 Aug 1975; correspondence between Richard K. Wimbush - Bishop of Argyll and the Isles and Rev C.J. Hill discussing whether a visiting Swedish priest should be allowed to exercise his ministry on the Isle of Cumbrae, 25-31 Mar 1976; Moore file notes, correspondence and a note on a House of Bishops discussion about Anglican bishops attending Swedish episcopal consecrations, including letters from Williams, Prebendary D.W. Cleverley Ford, and Hill, 23 Jan-4 May 1976; correspondence concerning an invitation from Olof Sundby - the Archbishop of Uppsala for Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury to attend the consecration of Dr Sven Ingebrand as the Bishop of Karlstad, and arrangements for the attendance of John Gibbs - Bishop of Coventry as Coggan's representative, 12 May-18 Oct 1976; letters from Moore and Rev John Arnold, 14 Mar-17 May 1977; correspondence responding to an enquiry from a Swedish clergyman seeking work in the Church of England, 23 Nov 1977-20 Jan 1978; Hill's notes on a conversation with Arnold, 17 Jan 1978; letter from Hill to Rev Christopher Frey, 20 Feb 1978; correspondence concerning the consecration of Lars Carlzon as Bishop of Stockholm, with letters from Sundby, Henrik Svenungsson, Moore, Coggan and George Perry, 6 Jun-3 Jul, 4 Oct 1979; correspondence regarding an enquiry about reception into the Church of England following confirmation into the Church of Sweden, 26 Jun-17 Jul 1979; 'A Note on the Relations between the Church of England and the Church of Sweden and the Church of Finland' by Hill, a revised version and letters in response from Linton, 20 Aug 1979-7 Jul 1980; note by Hill discussing the presence of a woman priest at the consecration of the Bishop of Stockholm, 4 Jul 1980; correspondence between Hill and Brother Caesarius concerning the treatment of ex-Episcopalians from the USA, 20 Sep 1979-13 Dec 1980; correspondence between Moore and Rev Canon Martin Reardon concerning the issue of inviting Swedish bishops to Anglican consecrations, 9-15 Oct 1980; extract of the minutes of the Bishops Meeting, 5-7 Oct 1981; correspondence between Hill and Gibbs, 20-26 Oct 1981; minutes of the Church of Sweden Group for Contacts with the Church of England, 17 Nov 1981.
LanguageEnglish and Swedish

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