RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 124/2
Extent221 ff.
TitleSweden: Ordination of Women
Date6 Sep 1957-24 Dec 1978
DescriptionPapers relating to developments concerning the ordination of women to the priesthood in Sweden, its effects on the Church and implications for Anglican relations, including discussion by the Convocations of Canterbury and York, 1959-61.

Includes a statement by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York concerning the Order of Deaconesses; the issue of the ordination of women the Swedish Church appearing on the agenda at York Convocation as a gravamen, 8-9 Jan 1959; an address to the Convocation of Canterbury by Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury on the subject of the gravamen which appeared on the York agenda, 13 Jan 1959; notice of no further action on the gravamen received by the Upper House of the Convocation of Canterbury, 14 Jan 1959; correspondence between Fisher and Gunnar Hultgren, Archbishop of Uppsala on Convocation discussions about the issue, 27 Jan 1959, 18 Feb 1959; translated survey on 'Women Priests in the Swedish Church' by Ruben Josefsson, Bishop of Harnosand, with related correspondence, 20-25 Feb 1959; voting figures for the 1958 Swedish Church Synod, 8 May 1959; correspondence discussing whether declining to send Anglican bishops to Swedish consecrations could be counterproductive as no women had been ordained and concerning when the first ordination might occur, 17 Jul 1959-23 Jan 1960; correspondence, including between Fisher, Hult, Linton, and Rev Michael Bruce with draft letters, memoranda and press releases regarding the decision by the Church of Sweden to ordain three women, 24 Jan-12 Feb 1960; 'Background to the Swedish Decision to admit Women to the Priesthood of the Church of Sweden', Mar 1960; correspondence between Bruce and Rev John Satterthwaite regarding a Kyrlig Samling national rally and possible discussion by Convocation, 5 Mar-8 Apr 1960; letter from the SSF [Society of St Francis] regarding Kyrklig Samling, liberal and student views on the ordination of women, 23 Apr 1960; British Embassy letter confirming the ordination on 10 April of three women in Stockholm, 13 Apr 1960; Fisher's presidential address to the Convocation of Canterbury on 10 May 1960; note regarding motions passed in the Convocations of Canterbury and York to appoint committees to review the relationship between the Church of England and the Church of Sweden, May 1960; notes on a visit by Hultgren to Lambeth Palace and the Convocation Committees, 20-22 Jun 1960; translated article 'Nothing said about women priests at English-Swedish ceremony' from Goteborg-Posten, 20 Jun 1960; note on a meeting in Oberammergau with three Swedish priests, 6 Jul 1960; correspondence regarding an issue of the Lutheran World Federation Press Service concerning the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Church in London and the attendance of Fisher, 22-30 Jul 1960; file note regarding the planned consecration of the Bishop of Lund, 24 Aug 1960; correspondence with Rev Margit Sahlin about a discussion between Fisher and Sahlin at the World Council of Churches meeting in St Andrew's concerning the ordination of women and a report in Svenska Dagbladet quoting Sahlin's remarks about their conversation, 28 Oct-22 Dec 1960 and 3 Jan 1961; correspondence with Bruce regarding a proposed motion for the Convocation agenda, 27 Dec 1960; report noting that Bishop Giertz would not been prosecuted for opposing women priests; memoranda by Satterthwaite concerning meetings with Segelberg, Bishop Gosta Lundstrom of Stragnas and the Convocation sub-Committee dealing with relations with the Church of Sweden, 18 Apr-26 May 1961; correspondence regardig the figures of voting in the Synod of the Swedish Church over the ordination of women, 26-29 May 1961; letter from Linton, memorandum by Satterthwaite and related correspondence on their meetings with Sahlin, 31 Aug-7 Sep 1961; correspondence regarding proposals made by the Convocation committee report on relations with the Church of Sweden, 28-30 Sep 1961; letter from Sven Evander regarding reports of comments by Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury in Svensk Pastoraltidskrift, 24 Apr 1962; file notes regarding interactions with Hultgren, in particular the possibility of inviting him to the Michaelmas ordination at Southwark Cathedral, 21 Oct-22 Dec 1965; article on 'Women priests in Sweden' by Linton, Jul 1966; notes and correspondence relating to the reception of the Church of England report 'Women and Holy Orders', including references to Hultgren's criticisms of the report, 3 Jan-11 Dec 1967; file note on a discussion with Bishop Gartner, 24 Sep 1971; 'Women priests in the Church of Sweden: Report of a visit of enquiry' by Christian Howard, Jan-Feb 1972; correspondence with and a report by Rev George Austin regarding his visit to Sweden, 16 Jan-27 Mar 1978; News from the Church of Sweden article 'Archbishop's Committee breaks dead-lock on women's ordination in Sweden', 18 Dec 1978; documents compiled by Linton regarding the situation in Sweden, including the work of the Consultation Group established by the Archbishop of Sweden who issued 'General lines for working together within the Swedish Church of those who hold differing views on the eligibility of women for the priesthood', 12-24 Dec 1978.

Correspondents include Nils Karlstrom - Dean of Skara; Rev John Satterthwaite; Rev Eric Segelberg; Rev Sydney Linton; P.J. Chandler; R.M.A. Hankey; Ernest Seybold; Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury; Rev Herbert Waddams; Rev C.B. Moss; Yngve Brilioth - Bishop of Växjö; Gunnar Hultgren, Archbishop of Uppsala; Rev Michael Bruce; Rev Michael Halliwell; Dr Margit Sahlin; Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury; Professor G.R. Dunstan; Gerald Ellison - Bishop of Chester; Bo Giertz, Bishop of Gothenburg; Rev Michael Moore; Rev Christopher J. Hill; Rev Dr Martin Lindstrom; Rev George Austin.

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