RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 122
Extent154 ff.
TitleSweden: General conditions
Date8 Sep 1960-Aug 1981
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning church life and developments within the Church of Sweden, including relations with the Church of Scotland, 1961, Church-State relations, 1964-76, and the effects of the ordination of women to the priesthood, including reports by Sydney Linton.

Includes a memorandum on the St Alban and St Sergius Conference in Broadstairs, including conversations with Rev Lars Thunberg, Dr Sahlin and Gunnar Hultgren - Archbishop of Uppsala, 8 Sep 1960; letter of condolence from Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury to Hultgren on the death of Bishop Ysander, 26 Oct 1960; file notes by Rev John Satterthwaite concerning meetings with Rev Eric Segelberg and Rev Sydney Linton, including discussions concerning relations between the Church of Scotland and the Church of Sweden, a meeting of the Church Renewal Group (Kyrklig Samling), and a Eucharistic Week in Uppsala, 18-26 Apr 1961; memoranda and reports concerning Intercommunion between the Church of Scotland and the Church of Sweden, including astatement by the Working Committee of the Swedish Church Union, Lutheran World Federation reports, Church of Scotland 'Supplementary Report of the Inter-Church Relations Committee on Relations with the Church of Sweden', and memoranda on conversations with Bishop Gosta Lundstrom, Dr Magrit Sahlin and Pastor Evander, 14 Apr-10 Nov 1961; letters from Rev Sydney Linton concerning impressions of the press in Sweden and divisions with the Church of Sweden, 31 May-1 Jun 1961; letter from Rev Dr Eric Segelberg concerning the election to the bishopric of Visby, 14 Oct 1961; report on a visit to Sweden by Roderic Coote - the Bishop of Fulham, 7 Nov 1961; memorandum by Satterthwaite on a meeting with Bishop Bo Giertz at Lambeth Palace, 23 Feb 1962; correspondence between Rev Dr Gunnar Rosendal and Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury concerning a prayer supplied by Ramsey to include in the foundation of the new Chapel of Heavenly Joy, 21-25 May 1962; letter of thanks to Waddams from the widow of Rev Carl D. Söderberg, 15 Apr 1963; memorandum on a conversation with Hultgren concerning the Uppsala celebrations in Jun 1964, the Brilioth memorial, Giertz, Halki and Segelberg, 14 Aug 1963; 'Interim Notes on the 1963 Trial of Bishop Helander in Sweden', 27 Sep 1963; article 'The Church of Sweden and Swedish Orders' by Frank H. Sampson, 19 Mar 1964; letter and notes from Rev T.C. Teape-Fugard, referring to Sir Moore Crosthwaite and the Church of St Peter and St Sigfrid, Stockholm, 19 May 1964; correspondence regarding plans for a delegation of Swedish ecclesiastics to visit London and report their findings back to a Commission on Church and State appointed by the Swedish Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, including a proposed timetable and with letters from M.F. Elliott-Binns, Satterthwaite, Baron Carl Rappe, Robert Beloe, and Erik Tammelin, 20 Aug-13 Nov 1964; correspondence regarding the celebration of 40 years since the Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work in Stockholm, with an invitation to Ramsey from Hultgren, reference to Gordon Savage - Bishop of Southwell attending on Ramsey's behalf, and also including a letter of thanks for Bishop Leslie Hunter attending the Memorial Service for the Queen on Sweden, 2 Mar-22 Jun 1965; letter from Linton about a conversation with Bo Giertz, Bishop of Gothenberg, 6 Sep 1965; 'Report on conversations with the Church of Sweden' in relation to legislation about women priests, Sep 1965; letter from Savage regarding the anniversary celebrations for the Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work in Stockholm, 12 Mar 1966; correspondence between Rev John Toy, Satterthwaite, Rev Chad Varah and Christopher Pepys - Bishop of Buckingham regarding the Samaritan movement's attempt to establish a world organisation, with the result that their work might overlap with Telephone Ministry available through the Church of Sweden, 21 Nov 1966-26 Oct 1967; letters from Kjell Petersson concerning discussions at the Church Assembly of the Church of Sweden and some general observations including secularisation in the church and its implications for pre-matrimonial relationships, 9 Dec 1968-7 Jul 1969; letter from Linton discussing the appointment of Dr Margit Sahlin as Vicar of the Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm, 7 Nov 1970; file note by Rev Michael Moore concerning discussions with Bishop Gartner, Pastor Evander and Pastor Bertil Andersson, 24 Sep 1971; report on a visit to Sweden by Rev Malcolm Stonestreet, 1971; notes on conversation with Giertz regarding the Church of Sweden's relationship with the Social Democratic Government, 1971; memorandum on Church State relations in Sweden by J.E. Carbines, 23 Jun 1971; abstract on 'The Political Structure of Swedish Christianity' by the Stockholm Institute of Sociology of Religion, 28 Dec 1971; correspondence regarding a scholarship for Rev C.R. Farey to study at Uppsala University, 29 May-16 Dec 1972; extract from Moore's diary concerning a visit to Sweden and Finland, 29 Sep 1972; correspondence regarding the death and memorial service for Gustaf Adolf, King of Sweden, 17 Sep-9 Oct 1973; summary of the paper 'Religious Life in the Church of Sweden' by Bengt Hogberg as delivered at a Conference on the Religious Life arranged by the Societas Sanctae Birgittae in Vadstena, 1973; list of religious organisations among immigrants to Sweden; note by Rev Christopher J. Hill concerning Krister Annell and his term spent at St Augustine's, 16 Feb 1976; note by Moore on a planned visit of theological students from Sweden as arranged by Dr Lars Osterlin, 14 Mar 1977; statement of the Swedish Bishops on co-existence in the Church, Apr 1977; correspondence, reports and forwarded translations of articles by Linton regarding the Church and State in Sweden, and in particular continued differences of opinion regarding women priests, 1977-21 Apr 1978; 'What is going to happen to the Church?' by Bo Giertz, Oct 1979; correspondence between Pierre Duprey and Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury, 18 Dec 1979-3 Jan 1980; News of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, Jan 1980; file notes by Hill and Moore referring to discussions with Brother Caesarius and the Vatican's negative attitude to a uniat status for Swedish Lutherans unable to accept the ordination of women, 28 Jan 1980; correspondence between Olof Sundby, Archbishop of Uppsala and Runcie regarding his enthronement, 11-14 Apr 1980; News of the Lutheran Church of Sweden extract 'Review of the Conscience Clause: Men and women as priests in the Swedish Church', Aug 1981.
RelatedMaterialCFR LRC 150, 151, 152, 153

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