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Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 111
Extent227 ff.
TitleRussia: General conditions
Date12 Feb 1935-1 Jan 1982
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the persecution of Baptists and Evangelicals in the USSR and appeals for support from other Christian churches, including a visit by Canon John Satterthwaite to Moscow, 1957 and Central Asia 1981.

Includes correspondence with and about Rev Dr F.J. Krop and his list of Russian Lutheran pastors 'victimised' by the Soviet Union, including letters from Rev John A. Douglas and the Rev J.A. Rushbrooke, 12 Feb-4 Mar 1935; correspondence concerning arrangements for a meeting between Douglas, Rev Dr A.J. Macdonald and Krop, 11 Mar-20 Apr 1937; correspondence between F. Goudzwaard and Douglas concerning a message for the 40th anniversary of Krop's ministry, 13-16 Dec 1938; correspondence with Krop concerning a request to distribute of a leaflet 'A letter of a converted Communist from Soviet Russia', with a response from The Russian Clergy & Church Aid Fund', 6 May-4 Dec1939; correspondence concerning the desire of the USSR Embassy to know more about Baptists and the Copenhagen Congress, including a letter from Rev M.E. Aubrey of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, a draft provisional programme for the seventh Baptist World Congress in Copenhagen, and a note from Canon C.W. Hutchinson concerning a visit to the Church of the Union of Evangelicals and Baptists in Moscow, 7 Feb-16 May 1947; memorandum sent by Rev Herbert Waddams to the Soviet Embassy summarising the Church of England's attitude to other Christian Churches, including Roman Catholics and Baptists, 8 Feb 1947; letter to Waddams from Kenneth G. Grubb concerning a meeting with John Lawrence to discuss contacts with the Soviet Embassy and Anglo-Soviet societies, 26 Sep 1947; memoranda and correspondence concerning meetings with Mr Yastrebov of the Soviet Embassy, including from Rev John Findlow, Waddams, Rev John Collins concerning Christian Action , 30 Oct 1947-24 May 1948; memorandum on an interview with Dr Lewis of the Baptist World Alliance about Baptists in the Soviet Union, 3 Nov 1950; letter from Colonel Barron to Waddams forwarding an article on 'Present day Sectarianism and its reactionary role' by V.G. Sokolov in Nauka I Zhizn [Science and Life], which indicates the hostility of the Soviet Government to Protestantism, Sep-6 Dec 1950; article on 'Baptists and Evangelicals in Soviet Russia' by Waddams with a forwarding letter addressed to British Weekly, 8 Dec 1950; memorandum on the Baptist Church in Moscow, with extracts from a letter from Rev Sydney Linton 3 Jan 1951; copy of a letter sent by the East-West Relations Group to a letter from the Russian Baptists, Mr Talyaev and Mr Karev, Oct 1952; report by Findlow on the visit of a Russian delegation, 4 Aug 1955; letter to Paul B. Anderson of the International Committee YMCA from Donald A. Lowrie reporting a conversation with Charles Boss of the Methodist Church's Department for World Peace who had returned from two months visiting the Soviet Union, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 20 Sep 1955; Christmas greetings from the Russian delegation who visited England in 1955, 20 Jan 1956; letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury clarifying a speech made in Dec 1955 in reference to how the Church should respond to any political system which 'denies the truth of Christ's religion', 13 Feb 1956; letter from Metropolitan Nicolai to Dr Roy G. Ross concerning the visit of a delegation of Christian Churches of the Soviet Union to the USA at the invitation of the National Council of Churches, 5 Apr 1956; telegrams between Zhidkov Levindanto and Fisher exchanging Easter greetings, 3-30 Apr 1956; letter and English translation of a letter to Fisher from Alexander Kariev, General Secretary of the Union of Baptists in the USSR, arguing against nuclear armament of the USA at military bases in Europe and Asia, and Fisher's draft and final response, 8-26 Feb 1957; memorandum by Rev John Satterthwaite on his visit to the evening service of the Evangelical Church in Moscow and a letter from the British Embassy in Moscow to Waddams concerning Satterthwaite's visit, 3-22 Mar 1957; article on the 'Baptist situation in Russia', 14 Nov 1960; extract from a report of a visit to Tselinograd by J.B. Seaborn in Oct 1960; a cable from Jacob Zhidkhov - President of Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia and response from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury concerning the Cuban missile crisis, 26-28 Oct 1962; letter from the Organisational Committee for convening of all Union Conference of Evangelical Baptists of USSR appealing to the Government to allow them to hold a conference, 13 Aug 1963; Christmas greetings to Ramsey from Rev Ilia M. Orlov and an extract from a letter describing meeting Olav during a visit to a Baptist Sunday service in Moscow, 22 Jan-8 Nov 1963; letter from the British Embassy in Moscow describing the situation of the Baptist Church in Ukraine, 3 May 1964; translation of a circular letter from Southern Siberia relating the cases of arrests of members of a Baptist congregation in relation to a refusal to join the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists, forwarded by Anderson, and forwarded again by John W. Lawrence to Satterthwaite, 16 Jul-5 Aug 1964; Christmas message from the Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists of the USSR, 25 Dec 1966; letter and appeal from the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists in the USSR concerning the Vietnam war and the 1967 Greek coup d'├ętat, 28 Mar-23 May 1967; extract from the Amnesty International Review concerning '200 Russian Baptists imprisoned for their faith', 22 Feb 1968; press release containing information about the arrest of Georgi P. Vins and his illness in prison, 25 Feb 1968; memorandum concerning the Russian Baptist Aida Skropnikova, including her article in response to an open letter by an atheist published in the newspaper Smena, with a brief description of her arrests and disappearance, 21 Nov 1968; notes on the visit of the World Council of Churches delegation to the Baptist Union of the USSR, 3-15 May 1969; letter from Satterthwaite to the BBC regarding the delegation, 9 Jun 1969; letter to Mr U. Thant - Secretary-General of the United Nations, from members of the Council of Relatives of Evangelical Baptist Christian prisoners, with enclosures including a copy of a complaint sent to Alexei Kosygin, President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from an Evangelical Christian Baptist family regarding the repeated removal of their children by the authorities of the Verkhnedvinskii district, and a list of prisoners, Mar-11 Aug 1968; correspondence concerning the situation of the 'Initsiativniki' movement of Russian Baptists with reference to a critical article published by Izvestia, 29 Oct-3 Nov 1969; report on a visit by a delegation of the German Protestant Church to Russia in Sep 1969 extracted from the Berliner Sonntagsblatt, 12 Oct 1969; Christmas message from the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, Dec 1969; list of prisoners, 1 Nov 1969; message from the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists concerning their Moscow Congress, 12 Dec 1969; Christmas message from All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 25 Dec 1970; Easter greeting in Russian from the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 30 Mar 1971; memorandum about the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 29 Jun 1971; Christmas message from the Union of Evangelical Christian-Baptists of the USSR, Dec 1971; appeal against the Vietnam war issued by the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 27 May 1972; 'Baptists in the Soviet Union - a Double Focus' by Michael Bourdeaux, 19 Sep 1972; Christmas message from the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 25 Dec 1973; Information Bulletin from the Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists of USSR, 20 Oct 1975; Christmas message from All-Union Council of Evangelical Christian-Baptists, 25 Dec 1975; Information Bulletins from the Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists of USSR, with photographs of a delegation from Spain visiting Beltsy, Moldavia in Aug 1977, a baptism in the River Vorskla of New Members in Poltava, Ukraine 1977, a baptism service in Minsk, Belorussia, an inner view of a new Prayer House of Evangelical Christian Baptists in Tbilisi, and Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury in their Moscow Church, Aug-Sep 1977, Feb 1976-Dec 1977; letter and report on non-registered Baptists in the USSR sent by Thomas Krapf to Moore, 9 Sep 1980; notes concerning the appeals for help for the non-registered Baptists in Rostov-on-Don, 1979-30 Jun 1980; 'Lutherans in Central Asia' by Same Dahlgren, 1 Jan 1982.
LanguageEnglish, Russian and French

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