RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 99
Extent107 ff.
TitleNetherlands: General papers and correspondence
Date24 Oct 1940-9 Jul 1980
DescriptionReports and correspondence relating to the Dutch Reformed Church and developments.

Letter from Rev J. van Dorp forwarding a translation of a protest by Dutch Churches in regard to the suppression of Jews in the Netherlands, 24 Oct 1940-13 Mar 1941; note to Holland concerning the death of William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury and prayers for their liberation from Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York, Nov 1944; proposed Anglican Dutch Circle including a letter from Rev John A. Douglas, 22 Nov 1944; correspondence concerning the attendance of Rev Ronald Allen as the Church of England representative at the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church, including Allen's report as presented to Christian Reconstruction in Europe, 5 Oct-20 Nov 1945; correspondence about episcopal ordination as discussed at a conference at Oxford, including memoranda and letters from Rev Dr G.L. Prestige, a letter from Canon B.A. van Kleef, Dr Andreas Rinkel - the Archbishop of Utrecht, 1 Jul-10 Nov 1949; correspondence concerning proposals for a conference of different Churches in Europe, including letters from Dr H. van der Linde to Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, George Bell - Bishop of Chichester to Rev W.H. Macartney, draft responses from Fisher to van Linde, from Rev Herbert Waddams to Dr H. Van der Linde, 23 Apr-12 Jul 1951; article on 'The Situation of the Churches in the Netherlands: 1951'; correspondence concerning whether a member of the Hervormde Kirk of Holland could receive Communion in the Church of England, 27 Jan-1 Feb 1951; correspondence concerning an invitation to Fisher to attend an Extraordinary session of the General Synod of the Netherlands Reformed Church, 3 Apr-2 May 1951; letter and background surveys and notes from D.H. van Daalen to Macartney about the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk, including notes relating to its new constitution and Gemeente-Opbouw (Reconstruction of the Community) work, 22-26 Feb 1952; correspondence concerning messages of sympathy sent in response to the North Sea floods, including copies of Fisher's correspondence with Wilhelmina, Princess of the Netherlands, and a bulletin about a conference organised by the Princess, 7 Feb-22 Jul 1953; letter to Waddams referring to an article about the General Synod of the Hervormde Kirk , 13 Feb 1954; article by Rev Michael Bruce in response to F.H. Landsmans article criticising the International League for Apostolic Faith and Order, 26 Feb 1954; correspondence concerning a visit by Protestant Dutch Clergymen to Baptist communities in the Soviet Union, including with Professor P.J. Jans, 18 Feb-10 Aug 1955; letter about the Lambeth Conference Report from Fisher to Rev G. de Ru, President of the General Synod of the Netherlands, Aug 1958; correspondence concerning Rev Dr E Emmen's attendance at the enthronement of Michael Ramsey as Archbishop of Canterbury, 7 Apr-7 Jul 1961; memorandum on a conversation with Johannes Willebrands about the Dutch Reformed Church, 15 Aug 1960; correspondence between Ramsey and Emmen concerning Emmen's retirement from Secretary Generak of the Netherlands Reformed Church, 25 May-21 Jun 1967; letters to Ramsey from Wiebe Vos of the Liturgical Ecumenical Center in Rotterdam, inviting Ramsey to become a Patron, with a note and response from Rev Michael Moore, 17 Feb-7 Apr 1970; correspondence between Moore and Rev Canon John E.S. Dixon concerning Dixon's visit to Holland, 11-17 Nov 1970; correspondence between Moore and Rev P.C. Rodger, Bishop of Oxford regarding relations with the Dutch Reformed Church and the Old Catholic Church, 13-24 Sep 1979; letter to Lord Carrington from John Leahy at the British Embassy in Pretoria concerning relations between the Dutch Reformed Church and the National Party Government of South Africa, 9 Jul 1980.

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