RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 101/1
Extent146 ff.
TitleNetherlands: Contacts: Rev Dr J Loos
Date28 Feb 1947-26 Jul 1953
DescriptionCorrespondence with and about Rev Dr J Loos, including discussion about the catholic movement, supplemental ordination and his desire to join the Church of England.

Includes correspondence between Loos and Rev John Findlow discussing Anglican periodicals and Catholic revival in the Dutch Reformed Church, 28 Feb-28 Mar 1947; letter from Findlow to Rev C. Gage-Brown requesting a summary of key points from a magazine and newspaper sent by Loos, 31 Mar 1947; letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from Loos 22 Dec 1947; file note reporting a call from Mr Morcom at Fulham Palace requesting an appointment with Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury; correspondence between Dr G.L. Prestige and Loos discussing Loos' wish to be ordained in the Church of England and the Old Catholic Synod discussions about episcopal ordination, 21 Jul 1948-2 Nov 1949; memorandum by Prestige on an informal conference discussing the possibility of helping Continental Protestants who wanted Anglican ordination, including reference to relations with the Dutch Reformed Church, and related correspondence between Prestige, Canon B.A. Van Kleef and Loos, 10 Nov-1 Dec 1949; correspondence between Prestige and Loos, including reference to the development of the Catholic movement, Loos speaking to the Board of the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church and discussion of 'additional ordination', 18-30 May 1950; note for Waddams from Fisher discussing Loos' letter of 18 May, 30 May 1950; correspondence between Prestige and Dr E. Emmen discussing the Commission appointed by the Board of the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church to discuss 'additional ordination' and the official position of the Church of England on the matter, 5-10 Jun 1950; letter from Loos to Prestige, 11 Jul 1950; memorandum by Waddams on a meeting with Emmen, 22 Jul 1950; letter from Loos to Prestige concerning a Church Times report on the relations of the Church of England and the English Free Churches, 29 Nov 1950; letter of thanks from Emmen for 'Church Relations in England', 19 Dec 1950; correspondence between Loos and William Wand, the Bishop of London, with Loos outlining his catholic convictions, discomfort in the Dutch Reformed Church, the Hilversum Convent led by Loos and the decision to use the 'Church Relations in England' report as a basis for further discussions, 17-23 Aug 1951; translation of a document addressed to the General Synod of the Netherlands Reformed Church by the Hilversum Covent, 4 Sep 1951; correspondence between Rev Michael Bruce, Fisher and Waddams arranging a meeting to discuss Hilversum Covent's campaign for the restoration of a valid episcopally ordained ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church, 18-22 Nov 1951; letter from Waddams to Emmens, 22 Nov 1951; note by Rev W.H. Macartney about Rev A. van Biemen, 22 Nov 1951; letters to Waddams, 27 Nov 1951-8 Jan 1952; letter from Waddams to Bruce concerning Loos, The Church Times and the National Church of Venezuela, 28 Jan 1952; correspondence discussing the possible ordination of Loos by Wand and the unlikelihood of it occurring as Loos would not be offered a suitable post afterwards, 4-28 Feb 1952; correspondence between Rev Dr C.B. Moss and Waddams concerning a conference of the Hilversum Convent, 22-24 Mar 1952; correspondence concerning the resignation of Loos and the suggestion that he might be ordained in the American Episcopal Church, with letters from Emmen, Waddams, Rev W.O. Fitch, 27 May-3 Jun 1952; letters from Rev Louis A. Haselmayer outling potential difficulties in ordaining Loos in the American Episcopal Church with enclosed details about admission to the ministry, a suggestion that they might consider Canada as an alternative, and advice on a letter to be sent to American Bishops to make the case for Loos, 2-12 Jun 1952; letter from Macartney to Waddams reporting on the visit of Rev Anselm Broburg to the Hilversum Convent Group, 13 Jun 1952; letter from Bruce with an enclosed memorandum by Nancy Hoare about the Hilversum Convent situation sent to Waddams and Fisher, with a response from Fisher, 12-24 Jun 1952; letter from Waddams to F.L. Barry, Bishop of Albany requesting assistance in the case of Loos, 26 Jun 1952; correspondence between Bruce and Fisher, 28 Jun-1 Jul 1952; letters to Emmen from Loos and Waddams, 3 Jul 1952; correspondence between Bruce and Waddams concerning the fact that Loos had been persuaded to withdraw his resignation, 3-8 Jul 1952; extract from a Bulletin by the Press and Information Service of the Netherlands Reformed Church about Loos and additional ordination, Jul 1952; letter from Emmens to Waddams, 9 Aug 1952; correspondence with Bruce about Loos, with Emmen reported to have stated that Loos could do nothing except become an Old Catholic or an Anglican, 17 Aug-25 Oct 1952; correspondence concerning the Anglican ordination of Loos, made possible by the agreement of the Dutch Reformed Church to continue to pay Loos salary for five years, discussing the practical and financial aspects, with letters from Waddams, Wand, Bruce, Loos, Emmen, Macartney, Rev P.W. Wheeldon, Cyril Easthaugh - Bishop of Kensington, and Dr H. van der Linde, 5 Mar-26 Jul 1953.

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