RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 97
Extent139 ff.
TitleLatvia: Congregations in London and the UK
Date20 Nov 1945-25 Feb 1978
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers relating to Latvian congregations in London and the UK, including the acquisition of the church of St Anne & St Agnes, Gresham Street, London.

20 Nov 1945-6 Mar 1958
Correspondence about Rev Roberts Slokenbergs; visits to Latvian Prisoners of War; the provision of Bibles and hymn books; a proposed day of prayer for Latvian soldiers and people; Latvian Displaced Persons and European Voluntary Workers; Latvian marriages in an English Protestant Church; the use of Anglican churches by the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church; wishes from Dean E. Berg for the recovery from ill health of King George VI, 1 Oct 1951;

Also includes correspondence between 23 Sep 1958 and 13 May 1966 concerning the church of St Anne & St Agnes available for Latvian and Estonian congregations, with a copy of the agreement between the London Diocesan Fund and the London Parish of Russian Orthodox Christians; a supplementary scheme allowing the Diocese to deal with the church of St Anne & St Agnes; a draft agreement and proposed amendments between the London Diocesan Fund and the Congregations of the Eastonian and Latvian Lutheran Churches; discussion concerning an organ for the Church with N.P. Mander Limited - Church Organ Builders; summary of the Annual Synod of the Latvian Church at the Coventry Y.M.C.A.; discussion of the need for a meeting place for the congregations outside of service; notes on a meeting on 16 Oct 1962 between the Archdeacon of Hackney, Rev Halliwell and representatives of the Latvian and Estonian Lutheran Churches; the election of Pastor Ringolds Muziks as Dean, 6 Aug 1963; further discussions about the draft agreement with reference to distinguishing between the two Latvian congregations in London, 29 Jul-6 Aug 1964; details about renovations to the church, the cost of work, and legal agreements, 12 Jan 1965-24 Jan 1966; notes and an order of service for the Service of Re-Hallowing at the church of St Anne & St Agnes, 23 Apr-6 May 1966; letter about English language services, 13 May 1966.

Further material refers to letters of condolence on the death of Count Charles Zarine and memorial orders of service, 1 May-28 Jun 1963; the Baltic Memorial Service on 13 Jun 1970; International Latvian Lutheran Synod arranged by Muziks, 5 Aug-23 Sep 1970; correspondence between Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury and J. Paegle, Chairman of the Latvian Lutheran Church Council, 30 Jan-3 Feb 1975; correspondence and notes concerning the opening of a Latvian Centre at Catthorpe Manor in Leicestershire, a Baltic Service at St Paul's Cathedral on 27 Jul 1977 as part of a Latvian Cultural Week and a Latvian Consistorium Service at the church of St Anne & St Agnes, 26 May 1976-25 Feb 1978.

Correspondents include Count Charles Zarine of the Latvian Legation in London, George Bell-Bishop of Chichester, Rev C.E.B. Cranfield, Director of Prisoners of War at the War Office, Miss Iredale from Christian Reconstruction in Europe, Rev Percy Ineson, Rev John Findlow, Rev Stanley Childs - chaplain to the Holding Camp for Displaced Persons in Malvern Wells, Dean Edgaer Bergs, Rev Professor Dr Arthur Voobus, Oswin Gibbs-Smith - Archdeacon of London, Rev Herbert Waddams, Rev Jaak Taul, Rev Ringolds Muziks, Rev Michael Halliwell, Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury, the Venerable M.M. Hodgins of the London Diocesan Fund and Archdeacon of Hackney, Michael Ramsey - Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev David Tustin, Dean Taul, Donald Coggan - Archbishop of Canterbury and Professor Haralds Biezais.

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