RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 95/1
Extent138 ff.
TitleLatvia: Contacts: Archbishop Turs
Date10 Jan 1955-20 Mar 1973
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning Archbishop Gustav Turs, 1955-73.

Includes correspondence cabout the British Council of Churches and their invitation to include Latvian representatives, including between letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury and Turs, 10 Jan-24 May 1955; guestlist for a Lutheran dinner at St Ermin's Hotel, 10 Jul 1955; copy of an address by Fisher at the Nikaean Club reception at Lambeth Palace for the delegation of Christians from the USSR, 9 Jul 1955, and a related letter from Charles Zarine, 21 Jul 1955; statement by Turs following his visit to Britain, 3 Aug 1955; report by Rev John Findlow on the visit of the Russian delegation, 4 Aug 1955; correspondence between Turs and Fisher, the British Council of Churches, and Rev Herbert Waddams, 5 Aug-27 Sep 1955; letter from Fisher clarifying the message of his speech on the response the Church must give to any political system that denies the truths of religion, 13 Feb 1956; Easter and Christmas greetings between Turs, Fisher and Waddams, including a reference to the death of George Bell - Bishop of Chichester, 15 Mar 1956- Mar 1959; letter to Waddams from Turs concerning Waddams departure for Canada, 16 Mar 1959; file note reporting a conversation with Pastor Ringolds A. Musiks concerning the Cathedral in Riga, 9 Oct 1959; message from Turs concerning the centenary of St Saviour's Church, 20 Sep 1959; Christmas and Easter greetings between Turs, Rev John Satterthwaite and Fisher, including reference to Turs' honorary doctorate and the Latvian student Janis Vejs, 7 Dec 1959-28 Dec 1960; letter to Turs informing him of the resignation of Fisher, 2 Feb 1961; Easter greetings from Fisher, 16 Mar 1961; letters from Turs in response to Fisher's resignantion and an Easter greeting, 20-26 May 1961; telegram of congratulations from Turs to Michael Ramsey on the confirmation of his election as Archbishop of Canterbury, and a response from Satterthwaite, 23 Jun 1961; Christmas and Easter greeting between Ramsey and Turs, with a message from Turs to Fisher, Dec 1961-10 Apr 1962; note by Satterthwaite reporting a conversation with Turs, including reference to Vejs, 5 Oct 1962; list of books posted to Satterthwaite for Turs; letter to Turs concerning the Archbishop of York's 'Call to all Christian People' and a response, 2 Nov-13 Dec 1962; Christmas and Easter greetings between Ramsey and Turs, Dec 1962-Apr 1963; letter of congratulations to Satterthwaite on being made a Canon of Canterbury, 27 Jul 1963; file note by Satterthwaite on conversation with Turs, 14 Aug 1963; Christmas and Easter greetings between Ramsey and Turs, 2 Dec 1963-Dec 1964; file note reporting information passed on by Muziks, including the very limited number of ordinations occurring in Latvia, 22 Feb 1965; Easter greetings between Ramsey and Turs, 13 Apr 1965; correspondence on the occasion of Turs' 75th birthday, 24 May-1 Jun 1965; Christmas and Easter greetings between Ramsey, Satterthwaite and Turs, Dec 1965-2 Apr 1966; letter from Muziks accepting an invitation from Satterthwaite to attend a service at St Dunstan's and a reception, 7 Nov 1966; Christmas and Easter greetings between Ramsey, Satterthwaite, and Turs, including a black and white photograph of a delegation of a Lutheran delegation visiting Riga in 1966 and news of Turs' retirement in 1968, 13 Dec 1966-10 Apr 1968; letter from Muziks and extract from the Lutheran World Federation Press Service concerning the resignation of Turs and the appointment of Rev Peter Kleperis, 16-17 Apr 1968; correspondence concerning Turs' 80th birthday and the Golden Jubilee of his ordination, 7 May-8 Jul 1970; Christmas greetings between Ramsey and Turs, Dec 1970; correspondence concerning the death of Turs, 17-20 Mar 1973.

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