RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 93
Extent119 ff.
TitleLatvia: General situation
Date20 Mar 1944-7 Oct 1976
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning persecution, displaced persons in Australia, Canada and the USA, 'persecution' in Newfoundland, 1952-3, and concerning the Anglican church in Riga.

Includes a report on Latvia, including the political situation, the military situation, mobilisation in Latvia and economic life, 20 Mar 1944; letter from Rev P.E. Widdrington to Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury with a response from his Chaplain concerning possible reactions by the Russian Church to a speech by the Bishop of Gloucester about alleged persecutions in Latvia and Estonia, 13-15 Feb 1945; correspondence between Charles Zarine, on behalf of Dr Grinbergs - Archbishop of Latvia, and Fisher referring the deportation of Grinberg to Germany and the escape of fifteen Latvian clergymen to Sweden, 14-16 Feb 1945; report on 'Conditions in Soviet Occupied Latvia' concerning the case of two Latvian refugees who escaped to Sweden, forwarded with a letter from Zarine, 19 Oct 1945; follow-up letter from Zarine discussing the refugees, 11 Dec 1945; 'Information concerning the situation in Latvia' by Pastor Sakarnis, including a description of the situation after the German Army's capitulation, and a letter from Fisher responding, 25 Feb-May 1946; Soviet News article 'What I saw in Latvia' by Rev Stanley Evans, Oct 1946; letter to Rev Herbert Waddams from Robin Hankey of the Foreign Office discussing relations between the Church of England and Lutheran Churches in Latvia and Estonia, 31 Dec 1946; petition, led by Professor K. Kundzins, arguing against the screening out of Latvian soldiers from International Refugee Organization maintenance on the basis that they had been conscripted, 24 Nov 1948; Foreign Office response to an enquiry by Waddams about the petition, and a note to Waddams from Kundzins, 10 Dec 1948-1 Jan 1949; petition signed by Latvians of the Displaced Persons Camp in Kleinkotz in Germany against 'the despotism of USSR Government in the occupied Baltic States - LATVIA, ESTONIA AND LITHUANIA', 26 Apr 1949; correspondence between Waddams and Archdeacon R.H.B. Williams, St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne concerning an enquiry from a Latvian pastor about whether the Latvian Church could be established as a separate entity from the two existing Lutheran Churches in Australia and whether he should seek ordination from an Anglican Bishop, 15 Aug-22 Nov 1951; report by Walter Lack on a visit to Australia to investigate the situation of Displaced Persons who settled there following their departure from Europe, 20 Feb 1952; correspondence with and about Rev Dean Alfred Skrodelis, representative of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Archbishop in Canada, who sent a letter requesting support for Latvian congregations in Canada, with an enclosed copy of a letter sent by Skrodelis to The Church of England in Canada which explains that American Lutheran Church had decided to no longer pay Skrodelis' salary, with correspondents including Waddams, Fisher, Zarine and Philip Abraham - the Bishop of Newfoundland, Franklin Clark Fry of the United Lutheran Church of America and Walter Edmonton, 28 Aug 1952-2 Mar 1953; letter to the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Evanston, signed by members of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church for Canada, with a forwarding letter from Skrodelis to Dr J.L. Hromadka and a response, 15-17 Aug 1954; press extract giving statistics of Church life in Estonia and Latvia, Apr 1954; letter to the second Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Evanston from the 'Exiled Leaders of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches of the Baltic States', 9 Aug 1954; letter from Waddams to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester enquiring whether to invite representatives of the Lutheran and Reformed Churches of Latvia and Estonia through the Russian Orthodox Church, 10 Jan 1955; 'Appeal to the Leaders of the Christian Churches in the United States of America' with a forwarding letter from Zarine, 17 Jun 1955; report on the Lutheran Church in Latvia, 14 Oct 1955; report on the Lutheran Church in Latvia, 14 Oct 1955; correspondence concerning an Anglican church in Riga - St Saviour's Church - which had been renovated and rededicated by the Lutheran Church in Latvia and in 1959 celebrated its 100 year anniversary, 16 Jul 1955-5 Oct 1959; file notes reporting discussions with Pastor Muziks and a note from Muziks reporting that St Mary's Cathedral in Riga had been turned into a museum and concert hall, and related correspondence from the Foreign Office, 24 Jul 1959-25 Aug 1961; letter to Fry from Peter P. Lejins, President of the Latvian Free World Federation concerning an organisation claiming to represent Lutherans in the Soviet Republic of Latvia, 20 Jul 1962; file note on a meeting with Muziks, 15 Aug 1962; correspondence, two photographs and a report from T. Garrett about the 'Anglican Church' in Riga, including letters from Roderic N. Coote, Bishop of Fulham, and Martti Simojoki, Archbishop of Finland, 16 Aug 1963-26 Mar 1964; translated press extract about visits by Lutheran delegations to Baltic countries, including Simojoki to Riga, Latvia, 18 Nov 1964; letter to Bell from Rev John Satterthwaite concerning an application by a Latvian to be received into the Church of England, 7 Dec 1964; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Rev J.H.Williams of the British and Foreign Bible Society in reference to Muzik reporting a request from Archbishop Turs for fifteen Latvian Bibles to be sent through Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 8-24 Nov 1966; article from Latvian Weekly reporting that Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York was praying for the Latvian people, 2 Jun 1967; note on a visit to Lambeth Palace by Archbishop Lusis and Muziks, 21 Apr 1970; correspondence between Muziks, Rev Michael Moore, Coote and Colonel Bernard Barron, and Sir Alex Morley from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office concerning the Anglican Church, St Saviour's in Riga and the possibility of seeking compensation from the Foreign Compensation Commission, 4 Nov 1970-15 Dec 1971; Moore and Rev Sydney Linton correspondence about the Lutheran Church of Latvia, 3 Nov 1972; letter to Moore with a press cutting about his visit to Latvia, 5 Oct 1976; letter from Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London concerning a Latvian Lutheran Minister who regularly visited Siberia to take services, 7 Oct 1976.

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