RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 84
Extent90 ff.
TitleGreece: General conditions
Date4 Aug 1935-5 May 1970
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers concerning the Evangelical Church of Greece and persecution by the Greek state and church for proselytizing.

Includes an account of a visit by Rev Francis A. Evelyn to Greece including meetings with Rev Stavros Lazarides, Minister of the Greek Evangelical Church at Katerini and Mr Longarides, Moderator of the Evangelical Church of Greece, with a forwarding letter to Rev Douglas from Harold Buxton- Bishop of Gibraltar suggesting the Evelyn be appointed a correspondent for the Council for Foreign Relations, 4-30 Aug 1935; letter offering information on the Church in Greece from a minister of the Greek Evangelical Church serving in England, 2 Nov 1943; correspondence concerning the case of Dr Hadjiantoniou, who was arrested for distributing religious booklets without including details of his Church, including discussion of his initial sentencing and the appeal, with letters from H.M. Gooch - General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance, Rev Herbert Waddams, the Greek Government Department of Information, Hadjiantoniou, 11 Oct 1948-18 Mar 1949; British Council of Churches International Department meeting minutes relating to the dispute between the Evangelical and Orthodox Churches in Greece and the plans to convene a Synod of the Greek Evangelical Church to prnounce their Church 'in a state of persecution', 9 Dec 1953; report by Waddams on tensions between Evangelical and Orthodox Churches in Greece, in particular relating to a proposed day school for Evangelical children in Katerini, Macedonia and in Mylotopos, 10 Dec 1953; World Council of Churches update on the Greek Evangelical and Orthodox Church dispute, 19 Jan 1954, with correspondence between Robert C. Mackie and Waddams concerning updates on the situation from the World Council of Churches, 26 Feb-1 Mar 1954; extracts from correspondence with Professor B. Joannidis, 12-18 Mar 1954; World Council of Churches memorandum providing an update on the dispute and the grievences of the Evangelical Church, 25 Mar 1954; a letter of thanks to King from Waddams, 27 Apr- 1954; information sent by M.C. King, Field Representative in Greece from the Department of Inter-Church Aid and Service to Refugees at the World Council of Churches, including a translated extract from Eclesia 'Proselytism in Greece', 15 Apr 1954, an address delivered by King at the Synod of the Greek Evangelical Church, 28 Apr 1954 and detailed notes, 3 May 1954; reports, 2-14 Jul 1954; letter to Sir Charles Peake from Paul B. Anderson from the National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America, 30 Mar 1955; letter to the Bishops of the Church of Greece from Dorotheos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece requesting that church collections be made and sent to Metropolitan Barnabas of Kitros, 13 Feb 1957; letters to Rev John Satterthwaite about Bishop Barnabas distress at the actions of the Greek Evangelical Church, 9 Jun-13 Jul 1960; note about the response of the Evangelicals of Katerini, including stating that they would appeal to the United Nations, 1 Oct 1958; notes from Irenikon, 8 Nov 1960; Ecumenical Press Service extract about a ruling which would allow Protestant clergymen in Greece to use the title 'Reverend', 6 Oct 1961; report about the Synod of the Evangelical Church of Greece, 13 Mar 1962; letter from a tutor at the London Bible College to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, seeking an interview to discuss the 'persecuted brethren of the Evangelical Churches in Greece', 21 Jun 1962; note by Paul B. Anderson regarding St Andrew's American Church Athens 15 Nov 1962; extract from a letter about the American Church in Athens, 20 Nov 1962; response to Anderson's note from Satterthwaite, 23 Nov 1962; correspondence about the St Andrew's Church between Satterthwaite and Rev John Findlow, 3-13 Dec 1962; extract from Estia, 12 Dec 1962; letter from M.C. King informing Rev David Tustin of the visit to England of Michael Kyriakakis, 3 May 1963; translated cutting about the recognition granted to the Third Greek Evangelical Church of Athens association, 21 Jun 1963; file note update on the case of Pastor Argos Zodhiates of Katerini, 7 Aug 1963; translated news extract reporting that Zodhiatis had been prevented from re-entering Greece following a visit to England, 9 Aug 1963; article in The Vision of Europe by Zodhiates from an address delivered at the Watford Conference, Sep 1963; translated article concerning the actions of 'foreign churches' and the national Church of Greece, 27 Nov 1963; Satterthwaite's correspondence concerning the suspicion with which the Church of Greece considered 'foreign churches', 31 Dec 1963; Satterthwaite and Findlow correspondence, 9-21 Jan 1964; Foreign Office note about Zodhiates being denied re-entry to Greece following a visit to England; letter from the British Embassy in Athens discussing a request from Evangelical groups in Britain for the Archbishop of Canterbury to intervene on behalf of the Greek Evangelical Church, 21 Jan 1964, with a report on the Evangelical Community at Katerini and a file note from Satterthwaite, 21 Feb 1964; Lutheran World Federation note on the formal State recognition of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greece; correspondence between Satterthwaite and Rev Dr Hans H. Harms, including an extract of a letter from King to Harms concerning the use of the Anglican chursh in Patras, 2 Jun-7 Aug 1964; correspondence about a request submitted to the Presbyterian Church of England's Inter Church Relations Department for assistance for the Greek Evangelical Church's ministry in Istanbul, 1-5 May 1970.
LanguageEnglish and French

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