RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 63/1
Extent127 ff.
TitleGermany: East Germany
Date13 Feb 1966-14 Jul 1981
DescriptionReports and correspondence, including the rebuilding of Dresden and Coventry Cathedrals and concerning contacts in East Germany, Archbishop Michael Ramsey's visit, British Council of Churches delegation to, 1969, and return visit by church delegation, 1970.

Includes translated messages from the German Press Service Dispatch about the relationship between the Soviet Zone government and the Church Leadership of the East Synod, 13 Feb 1966 (ff. 1-2); summary by Rev David Tustin of a conversation with Professor von Lilienfeld, 12 Sep 1966 (ff. 3); extract from the East German Protestant Information Service concerning the appointment of D. Schonherr as administrator of the Episcopal Office in Berlin-Brandenburg, 11 Jan 1967 (ff. 4); correspondence concerning a petition submitted to Ramsey from Rev Desmond Parsons on behalf of members of the Post-Ordination Training Course in the Southwark Diocese concerning Christians in East Germany being detained by the authorities, including a letter from the Foreign Office advising Rev John Satterthwaite about their information on the situation, 14 Oct-29 Nov 1967 (ff. 5-15, 17-21); letters from Schutza concerning the F├╝rbittenliste or Intercession List, 8 Dec 1967, 16 Apr-4 Dec 1968 (ff. 16, 22-24); report on the 'East German Reappraisal of Student Riots Next Door', May 1968 (ff. 25-27); reports by Ernest Gordon on the General Synod meetings of the 8 regional churches in East Germany and his visit to Berlin from 25-30 Aug 1969, Jan-Aug 1969 (ff. 28-38); a letter, program and press release relating to the 8th-15th December visit of the delegation of the British Council of Churches to the Churches in the German Democratic Republic, and also including reports by Moore and by Gordon Rupp, 30 May 1969-19 Jan 1970 (ff. 39-57); correspondence and papers concerning a visit of a delegation from the Federation of Churches of the German Democractic Republic, including the invitation sent to Bishop Albrecht Schonherr and a Visnews report on a visit of the delegation to Lambeth Palace, hosted bt Ramsey on 11 Nov, 8 Apr-11 Nov 1970 (ff. 58-68); article circulated for information by Evangelischer Nachrichtendienst, 17 Mar 1971 (ff. 69-72); letter from Rev Paul Oestreicher to Ramsey, with a translated extract of the keynote address to the General Synod of the Federation of Protestant Churches of the German Democratic Republic by Dr Heino Falcke, Principal of Gnadau Theological College, 15 Jul 1972 (ff. 73-75); correspondence concerning the refusal of exit visas to allow Rektor Schulz and Pastor von Rabenau, 15 Oct 1975 (ff. 76-77); addresses by Dr Kimme for the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in the German Democratic Republic, with reference to the meetings of the fifth World Council of Churches meeting in Nairobim 20 Dec 1975-27 Dec 1976 (ff. 78-80) and the Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission, 20 Dec 1978-27 Dec 1979 (ff. 97-98); notes on a meeting with John Arnold, with a reference to East Germany and the visit of Oberkonsistorialrat, and correspondence between from Donald Coggan and Schonherr concerning the invitation of East German clergy to the Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry 8 Sep 1976-1 Apr 1977 (ff. 81-84); Bishops' report on the 7th Synod of the Evangelical Church of the Gorlitzer Church area, 1978 (ff. 85-96); letter concerning the visit of Schonherr, Manfred Stolpe and Hans-Joachim Luck, 10 Apr 1980 (ff. 101-102); letter from P.M. Foster to P.W.M. Vereker concerning an interview in Der Spiegel with Bishop Frankel about Church-State relations, 31 Mar 1980 (ff. 103-104); correspondence concerning a proposed visit of Pastor Hans Voigt to the Wells 800 Celebrations, 2-13 Aug 1981 (ff. 105-109); papers about the visit of Herr Klaus Gysi to London, Cambridge and Coventry between the 10-15 May 1981, including a briefing document on Gysi by Oestreicher, 9 Mar- 29 Jun 1981 (ff. 110-125); announcement of Kimme's retirement as Director of the Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission, 22 Jun-14 Jul 1981 (ff. 126-127)

Correspondents include J.W. Winterhager (ff. 5); Ramsey (ff. 8); Satterthwaite (ff. 9, 14-15, 19); Rev Michael Moore concerning a meeting with Parsons, 6 Dec 1967 and follow-up correspondencem 22 Jan 1968 (ff. 17, 20-21), a proposed meeting between the new State Secretary for Church Affairs, Herr Gysi and Coggan, 9 Mar 1981 (ff. 110); Dr E. Scholtz (ff. 18); Canon John Arnold (ff. 76); Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 82); Paul Oestreicher, 14 May 1981 (ff. 117-118); Martin Bierbach, Ambassador of the German Democratic Republic, 27 May 1981 (ff. 120-123))
LanguageEnglish and German
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