RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 41
Extent210 ff.
TitleGermany: General situation
Date15 Jan-27 Dec 1937
DescriptionPrimarily comprises of documents relating to the situation in Germany forewarded to CFR, often with a covering letter by Dorothy Buxton to Canon Douglas.

Includes notes on a speech made by Alfred Rosenberg, Reich Leader of the National Socialist Party for World Philosophy, on 5 Dec 1937 in which he refers to attacks on the values of the nation, notes on the question of Church property, and a translation of the reply to Rosenberg's book 'Protestant Pilgrims to Rome' 5-29 Dec 1937 (ff. 1-7); a report on the Oxford Conference resolution to German ethnic churches, 27 Nov 1937 (ff. 8-9); a translated Report by Pastor Forell on the church struggle in Germany, a report by Pastor Weckerling, and a copy of a lecture by Dr Gross, head of the Party Institute for Racial Research, delivered at a private meeting of doctors, 25 Jan-9 Nov 1937 (ff. 10-26); articles and documents which relate to the financial position of the Confessional Church, its legality, and statements made by Rosenberg, including a report on his speech at Landsberg on 11 Oct 1937 which refers to the importance of monopolising education, and Bishop Melle's statement on the German Church situation at the Oxford World Conference, 11 Oct -4 Nov 1937 (ff. 27-51); correspondence between Buxton and Douglas, including forwarded letter from Pastor Forell, 11 Sep-15 Oct 1937; decrees forbidding various activities of the Confessional Church with a note from Buxton, Dec 1935-12 Oct 1937 (ff. 56-59); typescript copy of a letter from Pastor Niemoller, 12 Oct 1937 (ff. 60); typescript copy of a leaflet 'What is happening in the Evangelical Church?' issued by one of its leading members, 2 Oct 1937 (ff. 61-65); documents relating to the closure of Catholic and Evangelical schools in favour of Community Schools, including an open letter from the Provisional Administration of the German Evangelical Church to Evangelical Parents and Guardians in Germany, notes on a new teacher training Academy founded by Dr Lay, Alfred Rosenberg and Heinrich Himmler and notes on the experiences of Graf von Galen Catholic Bishop of Munster (ff. 66-75); correspondence concerning a paper forewarded by Rev Ivan R. Young which shares the observations of an individual based in Hamburg, 26 Aug-2 Oct 1937 (ff. 76-80); 'German Church Conditions' - a report by Rev Dr O. Stewart Michael discussing in favourable terms the efforts of the German government towards unity in the national Church, 6 Sep 1937 (ff. 81-87); Anglo-German Information Service on the German Youth movement, including the Hitler Youth, 25-27 Aug 1937 (ff. 88-98); letter of sympathy to Heckel and obituary notice in relation to the death of Dr Wilhelm Zoellner, 24-31 Jul 1937 (ff. 99-104); correspondence from Heckel with enclosures concerning - a speech by Gauleiter Wahl, the evangelical laity movement including Arbeitsauschluss der Laien newsletters, and church elections, 20 Jul 1937 (ff. 105-113); correspondence with Heckel concerning his decision not to send any representatives of the German Lutheran Church to the Edinburgh Conference, 2-13 Jul 1937 (ff. 114-121); copy of the Berliner Börsen-Zeitung newspaper including an article on the Oxford Conference on the 12 Jul, 4 Jun 1937 (ff. 122-123); correspondence with Heckel concerning the coronation of King George VI, 13 May-1 Jul 1937 (ff.124-125); documents relating to the Council of the Evangelical Church of the Old Prussian Union's Intercession Sevices for imprisoned members and those otherwise prevented from preaching, including lists of ministers affected and summaries of individual cases, 8-24 May 1937 (ff. 126-136); translated extracts from a document concerning the manner in which the election preliminaries for the German Protestant Church were being conducted, 5 May 1937 (ff. 127-135); German text of the Dahlem group observations, 17 Feb 1937 (ff. 136-139); translation of Kerrl's address to Presidents of the Church Committees for the States and Provinces after Dr Zoellner's resignation, a copy of Dr Zoellner's letter to Kerrl and the German published text of Dr Dibelius' open letter to Kerrl, 12 Feb-25 Mar 1937 (ff. 140-159); annotated notes on the Arthur Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester's letter to The Times newspaper, 24 Feb 1937 (ff. 160-173); report by A.J. Macdonald on the situation in Hamburg and Berlin between 1-10 Dec 1936 (ff. 174-185); translated article on the influence of Rosenberg's ideas 'The March of the Mythus', 8 Mar 1937 (ff. 186-200); letter to Douglas from the Bishop of Fulham concerning the Mariavite Church, the Winneart group, and the alleged suicide of Dr Freidrich Weissler, 4 Mar 1937 (ff. 201); full German text of CFR 119 (ff. 202-203); typed extracts from the Roman Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letters, leaflets published of the findings of the 4th Bekenntnis Synod of the Church of the Old Prussian Union and an update on the general situation in the Evangelical Church, 10 Feb 1937 (ff. 204-208); letter to Heckl from Macdonald thanking him for his hospitality and requesting a copy of an article on Faith and Order, 2 Feb 1937 (ff. 209); letter to Miss Wallace concerning enclosures relating to the German and Austrian Churches, 15 Jan 1937 (ff. 210).

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