RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR LRC 40/1
Extent92 ff.
TitleGermany: General situation
Date7 Jun 1933-[c.1935]
DescriptionPapers and correspondence concerning the freedom of the German church and the development of the split within the church, and concerning the Church of England's position in relation to the 'German Christians', the church in Austria, and the Jewish population.

Includes correspondence from Rev Dr A.J. Macdonald relating to opposition to Hanns Kerrl's arrangements, including from the Prussian Bruderrat (Brother Council), n.d.(ff. 1-2); from Arthur Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester declining Dr Rosenberg's invitation to visit Berlin and advising against government interference in Church matters, 22 Oct 1934 (ff. 3-4); a letter and report from an informal conference on 'The Position of Jews in Germany' held between the International Missionary Council, CFR, and Dr Conrad Hoffmann on 12 Jun 1934 (ff. 5-10); letter to Headlam from Vincent Duncan-Jones forwarding a translated extract of a private letter from Herr Dibelius about the Pastors' Emergency League (Notbund) to Arthur Duncan-Jones, Dean of Chichester, 23 May 1934 (ff. 11-17); courtesy letter to Bishop D. Heckel on his appointment to deal with the Foreign Relations of the German Church from Arthur Duncan-Jones, 2 May 1934 (ff. 18); letter and statement to Headlam from the Swiss Church Federation [Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund] about the German situation, 22 Mar-26 Apr 1934 (ff. 19-23); copies of the German Evangelical Church's latest legislation forwarded by Dr Wahl, 12-17 Apr 1934 (ff. 24-26); correspondence with Canon L. Hodgson concerning information about the the office of a bishop for Dr Hans Schönfeld, 24 Feb-6 Apr 1934 (ff. 27-29); letter to John Douglas from Lambeth Palace confirming receipt of a circular announcing the appointment of D. Heckel as a Bishop, 7 Mar 1934 (ff. 30); letter and report sent to Headlam by Heckel about the new Church Foreign Office, 6 Mar 1934 (ff. 31-34); report by Dr Visser Hooft on the latest developments, 19 Feb 1934 (ff. 35-37); letter to Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury reporting on a CFR meeting, 12 Feb 1934 (ff. 38-39); International Christian Press and Information Service report on latest developments, including pastoral ministry, confessional foundations for church reconstruction and Protestant Youth organisations, Feb 1934 (ff. 40-45); report on the position of the Austrian Protestant Church, of which both Lutheran and Reformed belonged to the German Church Federation (ff. 46-49); report concerning a lecture delivered by the German Faith Movement, 24 Jan 1934 (ff. 50-51); International Christian Press and Information Service survey of developments, Oct-Nov 1933 (ff. 52-54); letters from Ludwig Müller to Headlam and the President of the Universal Christian Council, 30 Nov-Dec 1933 (ff. 55-58); letters summarising meetings of the National Councils of the World Alliance and the Council of Life and Work in Zurich, Novi Sad and London, 25-27 Nov 1933 (ff. 59-67); 'The New Germany and Foreign Missions' by Dr Siegfried Knak, Director of the Berlin Mission and member of the Committee of German Protestant Foreign Missions and of the International Missionary Council, 7 Nov 1933 (ff. 68-72); press release announcing creation of the Oecumenical Press and Information Service, Autumn 1933 (ff. 73-74); letter to Reichsbischof Müller from the president of the Universal Christian Council for Life and Work, 23 Oct 1933 (ff. 75-76); report by Ruth Rouse on a visit to Germany including the manner in which the German Christians gained their majority, dismissals, and the threat to Christian Youth organisations, 31 Oct 1933 (ff. 77-87); letter from the CFR Chairman to Herr Dr. F. Bodelschwingh, 10 Jun 1933 (ff. 88-89); letter to Headlam from George Bell, Bishop of Chichester requesting that he write a letter of support to Bodelschwingh in his nomination as the first Reichsbischof by Dr Kapler, Bischof Mahrarens and Dr Hasse, 8 Jun 1933, and an enclosed copy of a letter outlining the situation from Schönfeld, 7 Jun 1933 (ff. 90-92).
LanguageEnglish and German
RelatedMaterialSee printed books for the third (Sep 1935-Mar 1936) and fourth (Apr 1936-Apr 1937) surveys on 'The Affairs of the Continental Churches (German Evangelical Church)'

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374Headlam; Arthur Cayley (1862-1947); Bishop of Gloucester1862-1947
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DS/UK/6196Duncan-Jones; Arthur Stuart (1879-1955); Dean of Chichester1879-1955
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