RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR PB 7
Extent121 ff.
TitleCFR Publications Bureau: Administration: Correspondence: Theology
DescriptionPapers relating to the provision of copies of 'Theology' to clergy and theologians overseas, including: correspondence between Canon Douglas and the Very Revd. S.C. Carpenter, Dean of Exeter, about arranging an exchange of 'Irenikon' for 'Theology' for the Benedictine community at Amay, Oct.-Nov. 1936, with a refusal from Lowther Clarke, the Editorial Secretary at SPCK 25 Nov. 1936 (ff.2-6); letter from Canon Douglas to the Revd. A.J. Macdonald about the difficulty of finding donors of 'Theology' to satisfy requests from overseas with a list, 21 Dec. 1938 (ff.7-11); letter from Canon George Gosling, Secretary of SPCK, to Canon Douglas, awarding a grant to cover the cost of twenty subscriptions for overseas recipients, 6 Jan. 1939, with letter of thanks (ff.12-13); annual renewals of grant with substitute names in different countries as distribution was interrupted by wartime conditions (ff.15-45); suggestion from Canon Gosling that the British Council might be prepared to help financially, 4 March 1941 (f.34); letter from Canon Douglas to Sir Malcolm Robertson, British Council, asking for financial assistance for SPCK to send 'Theology' to overseas recipients, 23 March 1942, with acknowledgement (ff.46-47); correspondence between Canon Waddams and the Revd. F. Noel Davey about sending 'Theology' to S.I. Philippov and Waddams' procurement of 'The Journal' for SPCK, Oct. 1946 (ff.49-50); correspondence between the Revd. John Findlow and the Revd. Noel Davey about the revival of the work of the Periodicals Bureau and enquiry whether SPCK could once again offer free copies of 'Theology' to recipients abroad with a list of possible recipients, Oct.-Nov. 1946 (ff.51-60); correspondence about a gift subscription for Bishop Dibelius, Dec. 1946-Mar. 1947 (ff.61-62,66-68); letter from the Revd. G.R. Dunstan about a duplicate subscription for a recipient in Norway, 20 Jan. 1947, with response (ff.63-65); further correspondence with SPCK with lists of those receiving complimentary copies 1947-51 (ff.69-75); letter of gratitude from D.N. De Rijk, Principal of the Old Catholic Seminary in Amersfoort, March 1967 (f.76); discussions on updating lists of those receiving complimentary copies, 1967 (ff.77-89); correspondence with Dr. Noel Davey and Professor Dunstan about gift subscriptions and appeals and provision of complimentary copies of the Church Quarterly Review and Lambeth Popular Report, 1968-73 (ff.90-94,96,99-100,108-112,114-115); circular letter to recipients of complimentary copies of 'Theology' asking for confirmation of receipt of the journal, 8 Oct. 1968 (f.95); letter to the Revd. Gordon Wakefield about advertising an appeal for the 'Church Quarterly', 9 July 1969 (f.104); gift subscription for Professor Martti Parvio, Aug. 1969 (ff.105-107); correspondence with Dr. James Mark about inviting donations from sunscribers, 1981 (ff.116-120).

Correspondents include: Professor Martin Fischer (f.83); Dom Laurentius Klein OSB (f.86); Canon J.A. Dessain (ff.98,101); Fr.Thomas Cowley OP (f.103).

[Actual covering dates: 1936; 1938-42; 1946-47; 1950-51; 1967-73; 1981]

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