RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR AC 1A/2
Extent203 ff.
TitleAnglicanism: "Bulletin Anglican" editorial correspondence J-W
DescriptionCorrespondence with the Revd. Wilfrid Browning and previous editors about contributions to "Bulletin Anglican", its finances, production and distribution.
Correspondents include: J.N.D. Kelly (f.205); Henry, Bishop of Knaresborough (f.206); G.W.H. Lampe (f.208); Jean-Alain Lesourd (ff.214-219); Dame Osyth OSB (f.236); Abbé Alfred Martin (ff.238-245); W.R. Matthews, Dean of St. Paul's (ff.250-251); Emmanuel Amand de Mendieta (f.252); Abbé E. Meurra (ff.253-257); Abbé Charles Moeller (ff.261-262); G.B. Montini, Archbishop of Milan (f.265); Canon H. Moreton (ff.266-269); Charles Morgan (writer) (f.270); W. Fenton Morley (f.271); Dennis Nineham (f.277); David Paton (ff.282-284); Leslie Paul (ff.285-287); John Perret (ff.294-319); Boone Porter, Nashotah House (ff.325-337); Dr. J.A.T. Robinson (f.245); Canon Charles Smyth (f. 272); Society of the Faith (ff.274-277); SPCK (ff.278-324); Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (f.325); F. John Taylor (ff.331-335); Max Thurian, frère de Taizé (ff.351-354); Oliver Tomkins (f.358); David Tustin (f.360); Alec Vidler (ff.374-378); Maurice Villain (f.379); Victor de Waal (f.380); Roland Walls (ff.382-383); William Wand, Bishop of London (f.384).
ArrangementPart 2 of an original lever-arch file
LanguageSome French
RelatedMaterialLibrary holds copies of Oecumnica at H5005.O3 and Bulletin Anglican at H5011.B8. Title and frequency vary.

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Related name records
GB/109/11485Kelly; John Norman Davidson (1909-1997); Principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford1909-1997
DS/UK/3170Candole; Henry Handley Vully de (1895-1971); Suffragan Bishop of Knaresborough1895-1971
416Lampe; Geoffrey William Hugo (1912-1980); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1912-1980
DS/UK/4427Matthews; Walter Robert (1881-1973); Dean of St. Paul's1881-1973
GB/109/9126Amand de Mendieta; Emmanuel Alexandre (1907-1976); Bye-Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge1907-1976
DS/UK/6540Paul VI (1897-1978); Pope1897-1978
GB/109/15506Moreton; Harold Albert Victor (1889-1966); clergyman, historian1889-1966
GB/109/15020Morley; William Fenton (1912-1995); Dean of Salisbury1912-1995
GB/109/6601Nineham; Dennis Eric (1921-2016); Professor of Theology and Head of Theology Department, Bristol University, 1980–861921-2016
484Paton; David Macdonald (1913-1992); Secretary of Council for Ecumenical Co-operation of Church Assembly1913-1992
DS/UK/5899Paul; Leslie Allen (1905-1985); author and social scientist1905-1985
513Robinson; John Arthur Thomas (1919-1983); Suffragan Bishop of Woolwich1919-1983
GB/109/7016Smyth; Charles Hugh Egerton (1903-1987); Ecclesiastical Historian1903-1987
GB/109/14091Society of the Faith; 1905-1905-
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
GB/109/10897Taylor; Francis John (1912-1971); Bishop of Sheffield1912-1971
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
GB/109/10953Tustin; David (1935-); Suffragan Bishop of Grimsby1935-
DS/UK/5837Vidler; Alexander Roper (1899-1991); theologian and historian1899-1991
GB/109/16364de Waal; Victor Alexander (1929-); Dean of Canterbury Cathedral1929-
581Wand; John William Charles (1885-1977); Bishop of London1885-1977
GB/109/24384Villain; Maurice (1900-1977); Roman Catholic priest and ecumenist1900-1977
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