RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR CFR 46
Extent204 ff.
TitleStudents: Interchange of Students Committee: foreign students, A-K
DescriptionPapers relating to the arrangements, finance and courses of study for the following students from overseas churches: Fr Alexios and Fr. John , Syrian Orthodox Church of South India, 1933 (ff. 3-10); Revd. Boris Babchenko, 1938 (f.11); Wilhelm Bachmann, Germany, 1937-1939 (ff.12-28); Christian Baerentzen, Denmark, 1946-47 (ff.29-40); Antony Bairaktares, Greece, 1939-1941 (ff.41-62); Alexander Banovitch, Yugoslavia, 1938 (ff.63-65); Archdeacon Parthenios Coinides, Egypt, 1946-1948 (ff.66-97); Donko Pop Konstantinov, Bulgaria, 1935 (ff.98-99); Frixos Coumides, Cyprus, 1946-19 (ff.100-118); Jerome Cotsonis, Greece, 1937-1939 (ff.119-135, 158-159); Vasilij Danišek, Czechoslovakia, 1943-1946, (ff.136-138); Hans Dubbs, Switzerland, 1946 (ff.139-142); Helge Faehn, Norway, 1945-1946 (ff.143-150); Hans Frei, Switzerland, 1947-1948 (ff.151-155); Antony Gikizas, Greece, 1939 (ff.156-160); Edgar Glückert, Finland, 1934-1938 (ff.161-169); Gheorghe Ionescu, Romania, 1935 (f.170); T. Janelsitis, Latvia, 1938-1939 (ff.171-174); Stephen Juhasz, Romania, 1947 (ff.175-177); Rudolph Koštial, Czechoslovakia, 1946 (ff.178-190); V. Kulikoff, Russian emigré, 1937-1938 (ff.191-204).

Correspondents include: Nicolas Zernov (ff.11, 65, 98-99, 170, 198); Bishop D. Heckel (ff.12-16); H.D.P. Lee (ff.17-18); Revd. W.D.L. Greer (ff.30-36); Revd. J.O. Cobham (ff.39-41,176-177); Chrysanthos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece (ff.44-47); Fr. Thomas Hannay CR (ff.50-51, 53); Archimandrite James Virvos (ff.56-58, 62, 122-123, 125-126); Joseph, Metropolitan of Skopje (f.64); T.D. Mosconas, Librarian, Patriarchal Library, Alexandria (ff.67, 71, 75-77, 81); Christophoros, Patriarch of Alexandria (f.72); Theophanes, Metropolitan of Tripoli (f.78); Archbishop Fisher (f.79-80); Prof. Hamilcar Alivastos (ff.101-103, 117), H.Patrick Saunders (ff.108-109, 111, 115); Philip Usher (ff.121, 163-164); A. Koechlin (f.142); Professor Einar Molland (ff.144-147); Ronald Williams, Principal of St. John's College, Durham (f.148); Canon Charles Raven (ff.162-166); Revd. T.W. Gilbert (f.174); Revd. H.T. Smith (f.179); Miss E. Iredale (ff.182-185); Canon F.P. Cheetham; (ff.192-194), 197, 199; Sergei Bulgakov (f.195).
LanguageSome German, Greek and Serbian

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GB/109/14064Zernov; Nikolai Mikhailovich (1898-1980); Russian scholar and ecumenist1898-1980
DS/UK/3925Greer; William Derrick Lindsay (1902-1972); Bishop of Manchester1902-1972
GB/109/8475Cobham; John Oldcastle (1899-1987); Archdeacon of Durham1899-1987
GB/109/15084Filippidis; Charilaos (1881-1949); Chrysanthos; Archbishop of Athens and all Greece (1938-1941)1881-1949
GB/109/8863Hannay; Thomas (1887-1970); Bishop of Argyll and the Isles and Primus of the episcopal church of Scotland1887-1970
GB/109/14386Christophoros II (fl. 1939-1966); Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandriafl. 1939-1966
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/12169Molland; Einar (1908-1973); Norwegian theologian and church historian1908-1973
DS/UK/3472Williams; Ronald Ralph (1906-1979); Bishop of Leicester1906-1979
503Raven; Charles Earle (1885-1964); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1885-1964
GB/109/14891Bulgakov; Sergei Nikolaevich (1871-1944); Orthodox theologian1871-1944
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