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TitleCentral Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry (CACTM)
DescriptionPapers of the Council and its Committees. Includes minutes of meetings, documents and correspondence.

Note: several series continue beyond the point in 1959 when Central Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry became Central Advisory Council for the Ministry (CACM)
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AdminHistoryThe Central Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry (CACTM) was established in 1912, with its work being carried out by a series of committees: General Purposes, Examinations, Inspections, Selection, Recruitment, Post-Ordination Training and Grants.

A preliminary meeting of the Council was held on the 19 February 1913 and the first meeting proper on the 2 and 3 April of the same year, with both being held at Church House, Westminster, under the Chairmanship of Archibald Robinson, Bishop of Exeter. Revd. FCN Hicks, Principle of Bishops' College, Cheshunt, took the position of Honorary Secretary. Future meetings were to take place not less than twice per year.

At the meeting of 19 February 1913 the functions of the Council were stated as follows:

1. To watch the supply of candidates for Holy Orders, and its sources.
2. To consider the best methods for training and testing candidates.
3. To draw up, and from time to time revise, a list of Theological Colleges their recognition of which the Bishop advises.
4. To provide for the inspection of existing Theological Colleges; and advise as to the formation and supply of new Theological Colleges.
5. Generally to promote unity of action between all those concerned in the training of candidates for Holy Orders, and to collect information and make suggestions of the guidance of Bishops.

The composition of the Council was as follows:

a, Six Bishops
b, One representation each for the Theological Faculties of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham, and the Theological Faculty of King's College, London and St. David's College, Lampeter
c, Seven representatives, elected by the Principals of Theological Colleges
d, Seven persons elected by the Lower Houses of Canterbury (four) and York (three)
e, Seven persons elected in like proportions by the Houses of Laymen
f, Not more than seven members co-opted by the Council

Chairmen of the Council

- Archibald Robinson, 1913-1916
- Winifrid Burrows, 1916-1927
- Guy Warman, 1928-1943
- Leslie Owen, 1944-1946
- Clifford Woodford, 1946-1950
- Harold William Bradfield, 1950-1959

General Secretaries of the Council

- FC Nugent Hicks, General Secretary 1913-1924
- Leslie Owen, 1924
- Dr Sydney Lawrence Brown, 1924-1927
- Frank Woolnough, 1927-1934
- Irven David Edwards, 1935-1944
- Kenneth Carey, 1944-1947
- John Phillips, 1947-1949
- Philip Wheeldon, 1949-1954
- Peter Curgenven, 1954-1959

In 1944 the CACTM was brought under the direct control of the Church Assembly, with the first Report to the Assembly being made in 1927.

In 1959, following the Report of the Bishop of Lincoln's Commission, the Council was renamed the Central Advisory Council for the Ministry (CACM)

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