RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoBenson 179
Extentxxv + 319 pp.
TitleNewspaper cuttings
DescriptionA collection of newspaper cuttings 1891-1896 including:

ffi-xxv - Index

ff1-25 - Reports on the Appeal against the Bishop of Lincoln
ff26-27 - Reports on the Jubilee Anniversary of the Colonial Bishoprics Fund and a speech by Mr Gladstone
ff28-29 - The Laying of the Foundation Stone at Church House, a standing order for a donation or subscription, and an engraving of the event
ff30 - A series of articles on a royal christening, and a royal wedding
ff31-37 - The Convocation of Canterbury
ff38-40 - The Archbishop's visit to Leeds for the Jubilee of the restoration of the Parish Church
ff41-44 - A series of articles on The Assisted Education Bill, church work in county parishes, and Almsgiving
ff45-50 - Articles on The Free Education Bill, the Prince of Wales at Battersea and Polytechnics, the meeting of the Order of Foresters, and an interview with the Archbishop
ff51-52 - Music for an opening ceremony, the Rev Berney and influenza as a judgment on the church, Honorary Canons of Canterbury Cathedral
ff53 - The consecration of Rev Gott, Rev Legge, Rev Bowlby, Rev Yeatman, Rev Carter
ff54-59 - Articles on the Church Congress
ff60 - Two leaflets, one on the National Protestant Congress, the other on the Vicar of Ringmer and ritualism
ff61-64 - Articles on the Lawrence vs Gill Clerical Libel Case, the Re-opening of the church in East Farleigh, and a retrospective on Archbishop Benson
ff65-66 - A series of articles on the Russian famine, clergy discipline, and Lent
ff67-69 - The Disestablishment of the Church of Wales
ff70-71 - Archbishop's visit to Tonbridge
ff72-74 - Articles on the Commissary Court and the Clergy Discipline Bill
ff75-76 - The Primate in Whitechapel, Mr Barnett's Gallery
ff77-82 - The Clergy Discipline Bill
ff83-83 - The Salisbury Synod
ff85-88 - A series of articles on the Protestant Churchmen’s Alliance, the Rochester Diocesan Society, Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, the death of the Duke of Connaught, and the mission to the Assyrian Church
ff89-92 - Articles on the Archbishop's statement on missionaries, the National Society, the Oxford settlement in Bethnal Green, the Royal Academy, and the Royal Visit to Tonbridge
ff93-95 - A series of articles on the Queen's Speech, Prize days at the Whitgift Schools, the Folkestone Church Congress, Lambeth Degrees, and the Archbishop's visit to Aldershot
ff96-125 - Final judgements in the Bishop of Lincoln case with collections of editorial statements and letters
ff126-127 - Letters regarding the Rural Deans, and articles on the forthcoming General Election and the granting of Lambeth Degrees by the Archbishop
ff128-139 - The Folkestone Church Congress; includes an engraving of the speakers and a print of a photograph of the high altar at Folkestone parish church
ff140-144 - Articles on the Church and the Aged Poor, the Lincoln judgment, Church Association, and the Clerical Fee Case and action for Libel
ff145-147 - A series of articles on the gardens at Lambeth Palace, a biography on the Archbishop, the Archbishop and the unemployed
ff148-152 - Articles on The Church in Wales, the Trinity College Mission, a series of silhouettes of members of the House of Lords, a memorial to Earl Granville, and a speech by the Archbishop
ff153-156 - Articles on the saving of Exeter Hall, the enthronement of Bishop Wilkinson, and the Welsh Suspensory Bill
ff157-158 - A series of articles on the business of Parliament, the Sandgate disaster, the Italian Mission and the Tate Library in Brixton [with engravings]
ff159-161 - Articles on the Liberator trials, the Prince of Wales at Brixton, the Royal Albert Orphan Asylum, and the Elementary Education Bill
ff162-164 - Articles, engravings, and booklet of the inauguration of the Imperial Institute
ff165-170 - An article on the Defence of the National Church and the meeting for the defence at the Royal Albert Hall
ff171-127 - A series of articles on church building, the Adams Memorial, the new Bishop of Natal, and a cartoon of the Bishops defending endowments
ff173-176 - Articles on the unveiling ceremony at Truro, the state of Lambeth Bridge, the opening of the north transept at St Bartholomew the Great [engravings], and the laying of the memorial stone at the Royal United Service Institution [engravings]
ff177-179 - A series of articles on the unveiling of the memorial statue of Henry Fawcett, workshops for the blind, and the Roman Catholic service dedicating England to St Mary
ff180-186 - The Royal Wedding
ff187-192 - Articles on the Convocation of Canterbury, the enthronement of Bishop Sheepshanks and Sidney Hill, Winchester Quincentenary, the British School at Athens, a donkey show at Lambeth Palace, and the Parish Councils Bill
ff193-200 - The Winchester College Quincentenary Celebration
ff201-204 - Articles on the Church Congress President's Address, Consecration of Dr Baynes as Bishop in Natal, the Duke and Duchess of York in Poplar [engraving], and a print of the opening of the Church Congress
ff205-206- The Mayor and Corporation at the Parish Church [Croydon]
ff207-210 - The Archbishops Mission to the Assyrian Church, the British School at Athens, the state of the unemployed, the Parish Councils Bill [engraving]
ff211-216 - Articles on the Convocation of Canterbury Pilgrimage Service (engraving), the Parish Council Bill (engraving and cartoon), slum properties owned by the Church, the Archbishop on education
ff217 - A series of articles on the distribution of certificates, the consecration of Bishops
ff218-221- A collection of political cartoons on the Archbishop and the Lords
ff222-225 - Articles on the consecration of Missionary Bishops, the Canterbury Diocesan Education Society, amendments to the House of Lords by Labouchere (engraving)
ff226-228 - St Pauls newspaper on the Archbishop and Lambeth Palace, contains photos and engravings
ff229-232 - Articles on the late Canon Puckle's funeral, the restoration and repairs to St Mary's Dover, the Parish Council Bill (with political cartoons)
ff233-236 - A series of articles on nonconformists and dogma, education, the Lambeth Palace meeting of the Temperance Society, and a sermon of thanksgiving (engraving) for the Bishop of London’s Fund
ff237-244 - Articles on Welsh disestablishment (with political cartoons), the Miss Wardroper Memorial, the restoration of Norwich Cathedral, death of Rev Pelham, and religious education
ff245-250 - Articles on Dr Percival and the Welsh Church, the 83rd meeting of the National Society, the Missionary conference, and St Thomas Hospital
ff251-253 - Visit by the Prince of Wales to Poplar
ff253-255 - Marriage with a Deceased Wife Sister Bill (with engraving), and small articles on disestablishment and visits by dignitaries
ff256-258 - The Opening of Tower Bridge, and prayers for the Duchess of York delivery of a Prince
ff259-260 - The Opening of a British Home for Incurables (with sketch), and a garden party at Clarence House (with sketch)
ff261-262 - The Royal Christening (with sketch)
ff263-266 - A photograph of the Archbishop, and articles on the Font at Rochester Cathedral, the Assyrian Church, and reunification with the Catholic Church
ff267-271 - A series of articles on the Catholic Church and missions to Italy, appointment of Vicars, the Archbishop in Cornwall, the London School Board, and a political cartoon of the Archbishop and Mr Riley
ff272-274 - The Consecration of Edmund Knox, opening of Tonbridge School, and the opening of a new wing at Croydon Hospital, articles on the Croydon Ruridecanal Branch, and the Consecration of Rev Riley
ff275-266 - Articles on Women and the Parish Councils, Stipends of Assistant Clergy, the Archbishop at Ashford, a retrospective of the Archbishop and a picture
ff277-282 - Articles on the Mayor's Banquet, Voluntary Schools, the Church Defence Institution, Consecration of All Souls Cheriton (with photos), the Archbishop's sermon on the Defence of the Church of England
ff283-286 - A series of articles on the Assyrian Mission, the National Church, the Church Patronage Bill, Church Defence, the death of the Dean of Canterbury, and the Archbishop's visit to Bristol
ff287-290 - Articles on the admission of the Archbishop into the Skinners Company, the wages of the Archbishop, the restoration of Bristol Cathedral, and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
ff291-294 - Articles on the Archbishop's speech to the Royal Academy, the Divorce Act, the Convocation of Canterbury, the Grey Friars, a letter from the Pope
ff295-302 - Articles on the Canterbury Diocesan Conference, the Primate's birthday address, a case in Maidstone Bankruptcy court, the Archbishop's pastoral letter, and a full page spread of an engraving of the Archbishop
ff303-304 - Dedication of the New Chapel in Selwyn College
ff305-308 - Articles on state help for voluntary schools, church women and their work (with a photo of Mrs Benson and sons), the Album Supplement Canterbury Cathedral and its Clergy, marriage licences in London
ff309-316 - Articles on the Sisters of the Church, education, the Cambridge Mission, Public Elementary Schools (with political cartoon), Welsh Nonconformists
ff317 - The Funeral of Prince Henry of Battenberg, and the opening of Church House

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17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
NA2586Sheepshanks; John (1834-1912); Bishop of Norwich1834-1912
DS/UK/3565Baynes; Arthur Hamilton (1854-1942); Bishop of Natal1854-1942
GB/109/13406Henry Maurice (1858-1896); Prince of Battenberg1858-1896
DS/UK/4282Benson; Mary (1841-1918); née Sidgwick; known as Minnie1841-1918
408Knox; Edmund Arbuthnott (1847-1937); Bishop of Manchester1847-1937
187King; Edward (1829-1910); Bishop of Lincoln1829-1910
DS/UK/6100Corporation of Church House; 1888-1888-
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