RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoBenson 178
Extentxxvi + 318 pp.
TitleNewspaper cuttings
DescriptionA collection of newspaper cuttings 1888-1891 including:
ffI-XXVI - Index

ff1-10 - The Lambeth Conference including the Lambeth Encyclical and the Church Congress at Manchester
ff11-13 - Articles on the daily opening of churches
ff14-16 - A series of articles on the legality of the reredos at St Paul's, the Board of Missions, the prosecution of the Bishop of Lincoln, and the opening of the Addington Waterworks by the Archbishop
ff17-18 - The Canterbury Diocesan Conference
ff19-20 - The unveiling of Archbishop Whitgift’s tomb
ff21-22 - The conference on education
ff23-26 - A series of articles on the Oaths Bill, the Prince of Wales in Lambeth and Vauxhall Park, the Russian Church, Sunday as a day of rest, and an engraving of the Beefeaters' gift to the Queen
ff27-84 - The prosecution of the Bishop of Lincoln
ff85-86 - A series of articles on the Chinese famine, the Convocation of Canterbury, the consecration of Bishop Jayne of Chester, and an engraving of the trial of the Bishop of Lincoln
ff87-88 - Articles on Commander Cameron's crusade against slavery, the Convocation of Canterbury, and Papal aggressiveness
ff89-92 - A series of articles on the Sister Churches, the consecration of Bishops, Indecent Advertisements Bill, consecration of the Bishop of Tasmania
ff93-96 - The Deceased Wife's Sister Bill, the annual meeting of the Temperance Society, reunification and home missions, and missionary in East Africa
ff97-100 - A report on the business of the House of Lords, the Stationers Company, the National Society, the Bishop of Tasmania, and a visit to Mansion House
ff101-104 - A series of articles on the Canterbury Diocesan Conference, the Royal Naval School, the Chambers of Commerce, House of Lords, and Church House
ff105 - The Royal Wedding
ff106-108 - The Canterbury Diocesan Conference, the Protection of Children Bill, the Archbishop's visit to the East Cliff Lodge and the Jewish Community
ff109 - The church and stage: a discussion between the Archbishop and Henry Irving
ff110-11 - Articles concerning a burglary at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop's visit to Sevenoaks, and the impact of ritualists on the modern church
ff112-116 - The Cardiff Church Congress and articles on the Congregational Union and the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury
ff117-122 - A series of articles on the place of the church in society and visits by the Archbishop, the place of ritualism or schism
ff123-126 - A collection of articles on the Church Congress, vices and medicine, the legal limits of the Archbishop's derestriction, and the election of the Bishop of Sydney
ff127-128 - A series of articles on the funeral of Mr Browning, the Prince of Wales and leprosy
ff129-132 - The opening of a new Bishopric in Birmingham
ff133 - A collection of drawings of the Archbishop of Canterbury and other notable public figures depicting how they would look with a 'Christian' side parting in their hair
ff134-136 - A series of articles on the African liquor traffic, designs for Church House, and the discovery of Archbishop Langton’s remains
ff137-142 - Articles on the clergy and tithes, the late Bishop of Dover Edward Parry, the reopening of St Michael’s in Coventry, and the Crimean Memorial Church at Constantinople
ff143-144 - A collection of articles on the Lambeth Polytechnic Institute, the Budget, and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
ff145-146 - Opening of the Royal Military Exhibition
ff147-148 - Sketch of the heads of the church in Convocation, the festival of the Sons of the Clergy, and a Hebrew speaking church in the east end of London
ff149-152 - Articles on the Education grant, the Eight Hour Movement, the proposed religious census, missionary work, and the immorality of clergy
ff153-157 - A series of articles on Church House, the Royal College of Music, the opening of Vauxhall Park, and penal servitude
ff158-160 - The Queen's visit to Southampton
ff161 - Articles on the British Medical Association
ff162-217 - The trial of the Bishop of Lincoln, with discussions on the court used and editorials on the subject
ff218-222 - A series of articles on the 'Sweating System', the publication of 'Christ and His Times' by the Archbishop and reviews
ff223-224 - Articles on the death of Mary Benson
ff225-246 - Articles on the trial of the Bishop of Lincoln and the judgements in the case, including letters, correspondence, and opinions on the case
ff247-256 - The Archbishop's trip to the Swiss Alps, the consecration of Rev Westcott as Bishop of Durham, George Eden as Bishop of Dover, and Davidson as Bishop of Rochester
ff257-260 - Articles on the funeral of the Archbishop of York William Thompson, the consecration of Perowne as Bishop Worcester and Walsh as Bishop of Mauritius
ff261-262 - A series of articles on the consecration of Bishops with comments by Dr Farrar
ff263-266 - Articles on the Tithe Rent-Charge Recovery Bill, Church Disestablishment in Wales, and the Clergy Orphan Corporation
ff267-270 - A series of articles on Clergy Discipline (Immorality) Bill, Tithes, and the Royal Academy, the Lambeth Savings Bank, and the British and Foreign Bible Society
ff271-276 - A series of articles on the Charity Organization Society, the consecration of Bishop Ramsey of Rochester, the Royal Naval Exhibition (sketch on ff275), and a book on Archbishop Tait
ff277-318 - An appeal against the Bishop of Lincoln ending with a series of letters and an account of a sermon by the late Vicar of Barnoldswick

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17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
187King; Edward (1829-1910); Bishop of Lincoln1829-1910
NA1371Jayne; Francis John (1845-1921); Bishop of Chester1845-1921
GB/109/9500Irving; Sir; Henry (1838-1905); actor1838-1905
DS/UK/4055Smith; William Saumarez (1856-1909); Archbishop of Sydney1856-1909
DS/UK/4063Montgomery; Henry Hutchinson (1847-1932); Bishop of Tasmania1847-1932
GB/109/8498Langton; Stephen (c.1150-1228); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1150-1228
GB/109/10823Benson; Mary Eleanor (1863-1890); social worker and writer1863-1890
DS/UK/3146Westcott; Brooke Foss (1825-1901); Bishop of Durham1825-1901
15Davidson; Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson of Lambeth; Archbishop of Canterbury1848-1930
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
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