RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoBenson 176
Extent310 pp.
TitleNewspaper cuttings
DescriptionA collection of newspaper cuttings from 1882 - 1888 including

ff1-15 - Appointment of Dr Benson as Archbishop of Canterbury including discussions of his prior career, qualities, and approach to nonconformists
ff16 - Confirmation at Bow Church
ff17-24 - Enthronement at Canterbury, includes engravings of the event, and a pamphlet showing the form of the service
ff25 - A series of letters by Archbishop Benson thanking people for their support
ff25a - A rough proof with corrections of the Order of Ceremony for the consecration of Bishops on 25th April 1883 by Archbishop Benson
ff26 - Convocation of Canterbury
ff27-28 - A Biographical Sketch of the Archbishop
ff29-36 - A series of reports on Government Bills on clergy and religion, royal commissions [aside from ff35]
ff35 - Consecration of Bishop Smythies as Bishop in Africa
ff37-42 - A series of articles on education and public affairs, and the creation of the Public Worship Regulation Act
ff43 - Archbishop's visit to Birmingham
ff43a - Consecration of Bishop Poole as Bishop in Japan
ff45 - Cartoon claiming to be an accurate birds eye view of the relations of the National church with outside sects, heresies, and schools
ff46-48- A series of articles on the Archbishop's dinners including his speech on 'the Martyred Laud'
ff49-51 - A series of articles on the opening up of Lambeth Palace grounds to the public
ff51b-52 - Confirmation of Canon Barry including order of ceremony
ff53-54 - Articles on the Miles Platting Suit
ff55-56 - Reports on the Bishop of Sydney, South Africa, and Mansion House
ff57-60 - Mr Willis's Motion for the removal of the Bishops from the House of Lords
ff61-63 - A series of articles on the Sunday opening of Museums
ff64-67 - A series of articles on religious education, 'dwellings of the poor', Oxford, Public Houses, and visits by the Archbishop
ff67a - Consecration of Rev Ridding and Linton
ff68-69 - The Royal Academy banquet
ff70-71 - Articles on the laws surrounding marriage with a deceased wife’s sister
ff72-73 - Pigeon Shooting Bill
ff74-77 - Dedication of the West Front of Lichfield Cathedral
ff77a-78 - Consecration of Bishop Anson and Hannington
ff79 - The Primate in Kent
ff80 - Articles on the Criminal Law Amendment Bill
ff81- A garden party at Lambeth Palace July 1884
ff82 - A series of articles on the Franchise Bill 1884
ff83-84 - Archbishop’s trip to Surrey
ff85 - Political Cartoon on the Franchise Bill
ff86 - The Canterbury Diocesan Conference
ff87-88 - A series of articles on the anniversary of the abolition of slavery
ff89-90 The Bishopric Bill and the appointment of the bishop of Bristol
ff91-94 - A series of articles on the archbishop's visit to the armed forces and the erection of a statue of Archbishop Tait
ff95-98 - Consecration of Bishop Seabury as Bishop of the USA
ff99 - Giving of a Honorary Doctorate of Divinity to Rev Imad-ood-din
ff100-102 - A series of articles discussing the Archbishop's prayers for British Troops
ff103-104 - An article on the Croydon school board and education
ff105-108 - A series of articles of the SPG and missionary work
ff109-110 - A collection of articles on a sermon by Temple, and appointment of Rev George Sarson to Dover
ff111-113- Memorial service for General Gordon
ff114 - Articles on Roman Catholic Patronage
ff115-116 - Articles on the opening of national museums on Sundays
ff117 - Reports on the Disestablishment Conference
ff118-120 - A series of articles on Russia and Brazil
ff121-122- The restoration of Peterborough Cathedral and the Archbishops Cross
ff123-126 - A series of articles on the revising of the Bible
ff127-128 - A series of articles on the clergy and Archbishop
ff129-130 - Archdeacon Harrison and the revised edition of the Bible [includes full page political cartoon]
ff131-132- Reports on meetings of the Newbury District Field Club, Anglo-Israel Association, Church of England Working Men’s Society
ff133-136 - Articles of the Church Army and the Gordon Boys Camp, and the Beaumont Trust
ff137 An article entitled Playthings for Little Prelates
ff138 - A collection of articles on missionary work
ff139-144 - Canterbury Diocesan Conference and the Archbishop on the Church as a Political Party
ff145-146 - Garden Parties at Lambeth 1885
ff147-150 - A collection of articles on the Shaftesbury training ship, a proposed college at Cairo, a Bishopric for Ripon, a Mansion House Banquet, and the protection of young girls and the Purity Society
ff151 - The General Election
ff152 - The Unveiling of the Tait Memorial in Canterbury Cathedral
ff153-160 - Visitations by the Archbishop of Canterbury and a banquet at Croydon
ff161-166 - A series of articles on the 'Seven Gifts'
ff167-170 - A Series of Cartoons on religion and faith
ff171-176 - The Convocation
ff177-178 - Reopening of All Saints in Maidstone by the Archbishop
ff179 - Gathering of Lay readers, invitations
ff180-184 - A series of articles including the dedication of St Saviour's church, the Parish Churches Bill, the Union of Benefices Bill, the Sunday opening of Museums
ff185-186 - The Queen opening the new medical hall
ff187-188 - Articles on the Consecration of the East End, the funeral of Archbishop Trench and Marriage
ff189-190 - Articles on the Convocation of Canterbury
191-192 - Engraved picture of the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England
193-194- The Colonial and Indian Exhibition
199-200 - The Church Patronage Bill
ff201-203 - The marriage with a deceased wife's sister Bill
ff204 - Missionary activity and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
ff205-206 - Articles on the Tithe Rent Charge Bill and Church Patronage
ff207-208 - The Beaumont Trust
ff209-210 - The opening of Royal Holloway College
ff211-216 - A series of articles on visits by Indians, dedication of Canterbury organ, Whitgift Hospital, Church Congress, and the consecration of Bishop Parker
ff217-220 - The Church House Scheme
ff221-224 - Articles relating to the Roman Catholics at Westminster Abbey, Archbishop's sermon to the Mayor and Croydon, Church Restoration, and the foundation of the new Sion College Library
ff225-227 - Articles on visits to Croydon Palace, Leatherhead, and the divorce courts
ff227-230- Articles on State-directed Emigration, the Chapel at Lambeth Palace [with engraving] and the American episcopate
ff231-234 - Glebe Lands Bill, a cartoon on the restoration of Crystal Palace, the Rev Gosse vs the Bishop of Llandaff, and the consecration of the Bishop of Melbourne
ff235-236 - The Church Patronage Bill
ff237-240 - The Late Archdeacon Harrison, Alexander House, Tithe Rent Charge Bill, free libraries in Lambeth, and the Royal Academy Banquet
ff241-242 - The Archbishop's speech at the 83rd annual meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society; the opening of the People's Palace
ff243-244 - Tithe Rent Charge Bill
ff245-247 - Articles on the Increase of Ministry for the Church, Hospital Sunday Fund, the meeting of the National Society for the Education of the Poor, the Whitgift hospital
ff248-251 - The Lambeth Palace Garden Party for the Queen's Jubilee
ff252-254 - The Imperial Institute opening
fff255-256 - Articles on the dedication of St Chad's College Chapel; a coloured engraving of the Primate
ff257 - A series of letters to the Archbishop
ff258-262 - The Church Congress
ff263-264 - An engraving of the Prince of Wales' visit to the west of England; the consecration of the Bishop of Bathurst
ff265-272 - The Consecration of Truro Cathedral; the Restoration of the Cornish Bishopric
ff273-274 - The Church Reading Society and a summary of the news in the Church Times
ff275-277 - Reopening of St Peters-At-Gowts Church Lincoln and an article by Archbishop Benson on church history
ff278-280 - Articles on the Pan Anglican Council, the possibility of an Archbishop for London, Consecration of the Bishop of Lahore
ff281-286 - Articles on burial grounds, the reopening of Southwell Minster, the Sweating System in Industry, the consecration of Alfred Earle, and a Ritualistic Vicar in Selhurst
ff288-292 - Articles on the Consecration of Bishops, Early Marriages, the sale of alcohol in the Colonies, the Poor Law, Missions, Vauxhall Park, and the Church Discipline Bill
ff293-294 - Articles on the Tithe rent charge
ff295-296 - Lambeth Degrees
ff297-300 - Polytechnic Institutes, Red Cross Hall, Licensing Clauses of the Local Government Bill, Honorary Degrees at Cambridge
ff301-304 - Articles on the Bishop of Lincoln
ff305-306 - A series of articles on missionary work including to the Assyrian Christians
ff307 - A Cartoon on the opening of a Board School by the Archbishop, and articles on the Education Commission, Church House, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
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17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
1050Smythies; Charles Alan (1844-1894); Bishop of Zanzibar1844-1894
DS/UK/4002Ridding; George (1828-1904); Head Master of Winchester and Bishop of Southwell1828-1904
DS/UK/3537Anson; Adelbert John Robert (1840-1909); bishop of Qu'Appelle1840-1909
GB/109/14479Seabury; Samuel (1729-1796); Bishop of Connecticut1729-1796
NA1563Trench; Richard Chenevix (1807-1886); Archbishop of Dublin1807-1886
GB/109/12171Gordon; Charles George (1833-1885); Major General1833-1885
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
DS/UK/4272Lewis; Richard (1821-1905); bishop of Llandaff1821-1905
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