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Alt Ref NoBell 175
Extent237 ff.
TitleAnglican-Methodist Conversations
Date1956 - 1958
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers on the official conversations between the Church of England and the Methodist Church, formally initiated in 1956.

Committee papers, some of which formed the basis of the Interim statement:
Minutes of meetings, 1955-58 (ff.1-13).
No.3: Harold Roberts, principal of Richmond College, Surrey, and president of the Methodist Conference, 'The value of episcopacy', 1956 (ff.14-19).
No. 4: Eric Kemp, bishop of Chichester, 'Apostolic succession', [1956] (ff.20-4).
No.5: Ernest Gordon Rupp, professor of ecclesiastical history, Cambridge (1968), 'The historic episcopacy', [1956] (ff.25-30).
No.6: Harry James Carpenter, the bishop of Oxford, 'Ordination', [1957] (ff.31-7).
No.7: Harold Roberts, 'Ordination: the Methodist approach', [1957](ff.38-42).
No.8: Leslie Davison, president of the Methodist Conference (1962), 'The priesthood of All Believers', 1957 (ff.43-7).
No. 9: Thomas Edmund Jessop, Ferens professor of philosophy, Hull, 'Non-theological factors in our division', [1957] (ff.48-50).
No.11: Bishop Bell, 'Some Questions to be faced: tentative memorandum', 1957 (ff.51-8.
No. 12: Francis John Taylor, principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 'The Church and priesthood', [1957] (ff.59-66)
No. 13: Church of England and Methodist Conversations: introduction, 1957 (ff.67-71).
No. 14: Professor Norman Sykes, (1958) dean of Winchester, and Dr. E.G. Rupp, 'Special situation of the Methodist Church in relation to the Church of England, and the circumstances of the breach' 1957 (ff.72-83)
No. 15: Professor H.A. Hodges, 'The Anglican appeal to history and the Anglican inheritance', 1957 (ff.84-91).
No. 16: The bishop of Oxford and the Rev. F.J. Taylor, 'The historic episcopate: a comment', 1957 (ff.92-107)
No. 17: Dr. Eric Wilfred Baker, secretary of the Methodist Conference, 'The Methodist heritage', 1957 (ff.108-23)
No. 18: Anglican forms of the episcopate outside England, 1957 (ff.124-29).
No. 19: Bishop Bell, 'Unity and inter-communion', by Bishop Bell, 1957 (ff.130-4).
No. 21: Dr. Harold Roberts, 'Episcopacy and Methodism', 1957 (2 copies: ff.136-49).
The Rev. F.J. Taylor and Professor H.A. Hodges, 'An appeal to history and the historic episcopate: an Anglican comment', 1958 (ff.163-79).
Draft chapters of the Interim statement issued in 1958 (ff. 67-71, 150-62, 180-237).
FindingAidsDraft catalogue record
AdminHistoryBishop Bell and the Rev. Dr. Harold Roberts were joint-chairmen. An interim statement was published in 1958.
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