RepositoryChurch of England Record Centre
Extent200 files
DescriptionRecords relating to specific countries or groups of countries, with the material generally in relation to political unrest or social problems affecting the particular country. In addition, files can also be in relation to specific issues relevant to Europe, or a part of Europe. Agricultural policy, or the boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games are examples issues deemed worthy of a separate file in the series.

Files can contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, papers and reports. Correspondents can include clergy, M.Ps and Government ministers, pressure groups, and individuals. Also often included are publications, either from groups within the countries themselves or from orgainisations concerned with alleviating the situation within the countries, for instance United Nations or Amnesty.

Where the file had been named the name has been retained and is indicated by quotation marks.
ArrangementGeographical areas are listed alphabetically.
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