RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoArches G
Extent192 files
TitlePapers exhibited (small exhibits)
DescriptionThe series of 'small exhibits' is so named to be distinguished from the other exhibits (Arches Ff) which are original documents including wills, parish registers, account books, and printed books. The 'small exhibits' are documents or copies of documents produced in the Court of Arches as a part of the procedure for prosecuting the case. The documents in this series fall into two categories, original legal documents exhibited in court but not produced directly by the Court of Arches itself, and copies of documents produced to assist the judge in hearing the case.

The first category includes complaints of nullity from lower courts, which replace formal appeals in many cases, letters of request, curations, nominations of proctors, or proxies for specific purposes, affidavits, schedules of excommunication, monitions and commissions, and appointments of officials, proctors, and advocates. The second category consists of copies of wills or extracts from wills, probate inventories and accounts, original administrators' vouchers, receipts, and copies of documents produced in cases in the lower courts, such as articles and libels, and not included in the series of process books (Arches D).

The papers are filed roughly by categories including: petitions, penances, and curations, 1660-1677 (nos. 0-02); excommunication schedules, 1666-1725 (nos. 1-4); letters of request, 1701-1713 (no. 5); royal monitions to transmit processes, 1683-1713 (no. 6); royal writs of probitions, 1662-1709 (nos. 7-15); proxies, 1668-1714 (no. 16); testamentary inventories and accounts, 1661-1710 (nos. 17-59); copies of wills and codicils, 1701-1719 (nos. 60-71, 98, 103); miscellaneous documents, 1700-1800 (nos. 72-156); and exhibitions files by cases, 1782-1799 (nos. 157-178).
FindingAidsCatalogue records to G 1-4 (excommunication schedules, 1666-1725) based on card index.
CopiesNot on microfilm
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