RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoArches Eee
Extent82 volumes and bundles
DescriptionAnswers of witnesses to interrogatories set out in Arches series E.

The volumes consist of the depositions of witnesses taken as evidence in cases tried by the court in answer to the numbered items contained in the articles, allegations, libels, or interrogatories filed in Arches/E. The depositions are signed by the witnesses and contain much interesting and detailed information about the way people lived and behaved. The evidence obtained by commission, not directly by officials of the court, is filed in the series Arches Bbb.

The testimony of witnesses is given in English. However the names and details of witnesses are recorded in Latin. Readers should note that a name in Latin such as Anna may indicate English forms such as Ann, Anne or Anna; Susanna in Latin may indicate English forms such as Susan or Susanna; Isabella in Latin may indicate English forms such as Isobel, Isabel, or Isabella, and so on. Signatures or the text of depositions sometimes identify the English form used by the person concerned. Spellings of names were of course variable in this period.

The series covers the years 1664-1680, 1688-1803, 1822-1855. It appears that a volume for the years 1680-1688 does not survive.

Volumes 1-17, (and supplementary volume 82), 1664-1803, consist of bound copies of depositions. The depositions were originally loose or written in separate booklets and these are not always bound in chronological order. Not all survive. Volumes or bundles 18-81, 1822-1855, each contain depositions in a single case.
AccessConditionsConsult in microformat
FindingAidsA project in 2018 provided new catalogue descriptions of Arches series Eee 1-10 (testimony by witnesses 1664-1713), including numerous corrections, enhancements of data, identifications of people and places, and, for the first time, details of witnesses.
CopiesMicrofilm (Eee 1-81, 1664-1860) - Eee 1-17 (composite volumes): microfilm (MS Film 146-62); Eee 18-81 (individual cases): microfiche (fiche 12948-13255).

Eee 82 (part of supplementary Arches series) not on microform.
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